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The Office of Inspector General for the General Services Administration (GSA) has confirmed that it will investigate the site selection process for the new Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) headquarters.

Earlier this month, the GSA issued a press release indicating that their chosen location was a 61-acre site in Greenbelt, Maryland. This decision comes as the agency’s current headquarters at the J. Edgar Hoover building in Washington, D.C., is considered to be in a state of disrepair and is deteriorating.

After considering three potential sites – two located in Maryland and one located in Virginia – the GSA determined that selecting Greenbelt offered taxpayers with “the lowest cost” while providing “the greatest transportation access to FBI employees and visitors” as well as “the most certainty on project delivery schedule.”

Additionally, they noted that Greenbelt provided “the highest potential to advance sustainability and equity.”

Following the GSA’s announcement, FBI Director Christopher Wray expressed his concern, asserting that the agency’s selection process presented “potential conflicts of interest.”

In response, nine Virginia Democratic and Republican House members and two Democratic senators jointly drafted a letter to the GSA’s inspector general office last week, requesting an investigation into potential irregularities.

The legislators asserted that the decision disregarded a unanimous panel’s selection and the FBI’s preference, instead favoring the opinion of a political appointee who had previously served at the Washington Metropolitan Area Transportation Authority.

They further alleged that political considerations “curated” the site selection process to arrive at a predetermined outcome.

On Thursday, Acting Inspector General Robert Erickson sent a letter to Senator Mark Warner confirming that his office was commencing an evaluation of GSA’s selection of the site.

“Our objective will be to assess the agency’s process and procedures for the site selection to relocate the FBI Headquarters. We intend to begin this work immediately and will share with you and the relevant committees a copy of any report which may result from this evaluation,” Erickson told Warner.

A GSA spokesperson expressed that the agency is open to an examination of its selection process to The Hill.

“As a part of our longstanding commitment to transparency, we proactively and publicly released our site selection plan, decision-making materials, and results of our legal review evaluating the FBI’s concerns. We carefully followed the requirements and process, and stand behind GSA’s final site selection decision,” the spokesperson stated.

The Virginia lawmakers said they “welcomed the news” about the investigation.

“Given the overwhelming evidence suggesting that the General Services Administration (GSA) administered a site selection process fouled by politics, we agree that an inspector general investigation is the appropriate next step,” they wrote in the statement. “We applaud the inspector general for moving quickly and encourage him to move forward to complete a careful and thorough review. In the meantime, the GSA must pause all activities related to the relocation until the IG’s investigation is complete.”

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  • Just more news on the corruption and shenanigans the deep state is involved in. In my opinion, this is just more bullshit and accusations that nothing will ever come to fruition. Don’t forget that no one is above the law unless you’re a Democrat.



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