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Hunter Biden and his legal team have made a series of back-and-forth maneuvers in their pursuit of a new trial following Biden’s conviction on federal gun charges.

The defense initially filed a motion for a new trial shortly after the jury’s guilty verdict, only to withdraw it within an hour. This indecisiveness was noted even by news outlets such as CNN, which characterized the defense’s efforts as “clumsy.”

Subsequently, on June 24th, the defense resubmitted the motion, contending that the trial judge lacked jurisdiction due to an issue with the mandate from the Third U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Philadelphia.

However, on a subsequent occasion, they retracted this motion once more after realizing their misunderstanding of the circuit court’s ruling.

Prosecutors led by special counsel David Weiss did not hold back in their response to the defense’s actions.

They derided the motion as “meritless” and criticized Hunter Biden’s apparent lack of understanding of appellate practice and failure to read court orders.

They mockingly referred to the defense team’s pursuit of a new trial as a “laughable tale of the mystery of the missing mandates.”

Despite these legal twists and turns, Hunter Biden remains steadfast in denying any wrongdoing and is determined to appeal his conviction. His sentencing is anticipated later this year.

Notably, Biden also faces separate federal charges related to alleged tax evasion amounting to over $1 million. This upcoming trial is scheduled for September in Los Angeles.

The saga surrounding Hunter Biden’s legal troubles has been marked by confusion and contention over procedural matters, with his defense team making multiple attempts at securing a new trial while facing criticism from prosecutors for their perceived misunderstanding of appellate procedures.

As these legal battles continue to unfold, Hunter Biden remains embroiled in ongoing controversy, fighting on multiple fronts against convictions and pending charges.

His future hangs in the balance as he confronts potential sentencing for his recent conviction while preparing for another federal trial related to alleged tax evasion.

It remains to be seen how these legal proceedings will ultimately play out for Hunter Biden and what implications they may have for his personal and professional life going forward.

As public attention remains focused on these high-profile cases, they underscore broader debates about accountability and justice within society.

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  • Hunter biden, like the rest of the family is a scumbag, a criminal and TRAITOR of the lowest ilk!!!!! That whole family has spent 50 years grifting off of joe’s political corruption!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hunter start stocking up on ky2 jelly you’re going to need it. Bubba is waiting for you in prison he says he’s going to take great care of you. It’s where all of the Biden’s family belongs in prison for Treason and corruption. Impeach him now before he destroys the rest of the country.

  • Hunter has not given up. He has a full pardon from his dad. This proves that there is two tiers of justice in this country.b Democraps have access to biden and conservatives don’t so they must go to court and fight the injustice department…



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