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Sometimes, when we think things can’t get any worse, they do. Things got worse for former Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin. Chauvin received a 22-year prison sentence for second-degree murder, third-degree murder, and second-degree manslaughter.

This sentence is the result of Chauvin’s pinning George Floyd down on the ground, using his knee across the back of Floyd’s neck. Floyd died as a result. His death sent radical activists on a nationwide rampage of violence.

Floyd was a drug addict and a career criminal. However, Chauvin used horrible judgment in keeping him pinned to the ground despite Floyd’s pleas that he could not breathe. A jury found Chauvin guilty, and he is set to serve the bulk of his remaining years on earth, behind bars.

But the George Floyd tragedy isn’t the only alleged “bad thing” Derek Chauvin did. In 2017, Chauvin allegedly held a 14-year-old boy by the throat. He also struck the child multiple times in the head with a flashlight.

Especially in light of the live video showing what happened to George Floyd, Derek Chauvin is one example of abusive law enforcement. He is the norm. The majority of police officers are dedicated public servants. They risk their lives every day to protect people.

The Derek Chauvin’s of the world are far and few between. There was a plea agreement in the civil case resulting from the incident with the minor child. In the plea agreement, Chauvin admits to holding his knee against the juvenile’s neck, shoulders, and upper back.

His statement estimates that he did this for between 15 and 16 minutes. The juvenile was face-down on the floor, handcuffed, and did not resist arrest. Chauvin also admitted that his actions were responsible for the injuries the juvenile endured.

As a result of the civil rights charges from George Floyd’s death and the allegations resulting from the juvenile arrest, Chauvin received an additional 20-year sentence. Derek Chauvin must live with who he is as a person and what he has done while wearing a badge.

But his disregard for dignity and integrity, something inherent in virtually every police officer, will have lasting consequences. Because of his abusive acts, thousands of law enforcement officers have been falsely attacked. Derek Chauvin did more than use poor judgment.

He violated the public’s trust in our police officers. The justice system has applied the penalty for his crimes. But America needs to realize that Derek Chauvin is not the norm. He is an outlier. Derek Chauvin is unrepresentative of the brave people who pledge to “serve and protect”.

Doug Goldsmith

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  • In both cases the perp was resisting.
    When I’m elected President I will commute Derek’s sentences and encourage him to sue.

  • Floyd was a victim of his OWN bad judgement– not only was he a career felon who spent many years behind bars, but he was a violent, dangerous felon. What caused his demise was not a small cop (135 lbs, the size of a medium sized woman resting his knee on him when Floyd ASKED to lie on the ground because he could not breathe, but ILLEGAL narcotics in his system- esp. deadly Chinese fentanyl which is much stronger than morphine. If you examine the long video which belatedly was released after Floyd’s arrest, following a call to police that he passed a counterfeit note, you’d see he missed the opportunity to go to an ER was missed. Floyd should have confessed under questioning by cops that he’d used illegal drugs, just one of many bad judgement calls the career criminal made that day. Floyd was put into a squad car, but the police indulged his request to get out and lie down! He wanted to lie down because he was having trouble breathing– his OD was kicking in. But Chauvin’s fate was decided by leftist media who pushed the faux white cop/black perp/War on Police narrative, which began under Obama, starting with Trayvon Martin. Fentanyl Floyd killed himself– by abusing illegal drugs. The official autopsy proved he wasn’t suffocated or asphyxiated– all that ignored because Chauvin had to be thrown to the hungry wolves– and Black Lives Matter made a fortune off his dead body– with months of riots, looting, arson, a couple dozen deaths and $2 billion worth of property damage in his wake.

  • The author of this article should do a better job of proof reading his written words. Given the importance of the content, paragraph five and line four of the article should have stated that Derek’s behavior was NOT the norm representing the majority of police.

  • Chauvin really is an outlier, he was actually charged, the union couldn’t save him and he received a just sentence, given his habit of kneeling on his victims necks. However to say that Chauvin is an “outlier” because most cops are honest dedicated public servants is straight up BS! Derek Chauvin is far from the only cop who thinks it’s within his purview to act as judge, jury and executioner. It’s much more than that though; overtime fraud, sleeping or hanging out with a girlfriend while on duty, being away from the assigned patrol area, the shenanigans is endless. If you live in a liberal state, there are daily reports of gang violence, shootings, yet the police are NEVER there to intervene. Why? Because just like the Uvalde cowards, they wait till it’s safe to show up.
    Unlike what this article implies, most of our police are worthless and corrupt, at best, and all too often, down right dangerous.

  • The guy Chauvin did nothing wrong but his job to contain a man out of control who the cops were trying to figure out how to deal with…

    They didn’t threaten George Floyd, torture him, talk harshly to him but just tried to contain him…The punishment of Chauvin was way over the hill and how he let himself be punished like this without more of a protest is something he now has to live with…

    How doing your job can get you punished like this is beyond me..

    I watched all the video leading up to the final minutes of George Floyd’s life and saw the police interactions with Floyd and their courtesy towards him and then Chauvins face at the end and believe me their was no malice or hate on Chauvins face towards Floyd…it was an unfortunate thing that later got blown way out of proportion by racist themselves in the media and racist of white people and haters of the police…

    Why Chauvin isn’t protesting all this nonsense makes me think something else is going on here…something more sinister…



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