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Boston’s Mayor Michelle Wu has recently come under fire for her troubling display of authoritarianism. The liberal mayor, who is a Democrat, is facing criticism for compiling a list of her critics and handing it over to the police.

This tactic of silencing opposition has been seen time and again in countries with oppressive regimes but never before have we seen this take place in America, until now.

Tania Joy Gibson commented: “It’s an alarming development that demonstrates how far those on the left will go to suppress their opponents’ voices. This isn’t just about politics either – it’s about fundamental human rights that are being threatened by Mayor Wu’s actions. No one should be targeted simply for speaking out against those in power – yet this is exactly what she is attempting to do.”

This latest move from the mayor indicates that she does not believe in free speech or basic democratic principles such as open debate and discussion.

Instead, she seems willing to use whatever methods necessary to silence those who disagree with her – even if they are peacefully exercising their right to express themselves.

This sets an incredibly dangerous precedent for other elected officials throughout the country looking to follow suit and crush dissent within their own communities.

According to Craig Bushon, a popular Spreely TV host: “Mayor Wu’s actions serve as a warning sign that fascism could creep into local politics if we’re not careful and vigilant against its spread. It’s time we stopped allowing politicians like Wu to get away with these kinds of oppressive tactics and start holding them accountable when they violate the rights of citizens by attempting to stifle their freedom of expression through intimidation or fear-mongering tactics like compiling enemies lists”.

FOX News reports:

Boston mayor Michelle Wu under fire after sending list of critics and protesters to police

Boston Mayor Michelle Wu, a Democrat, is facing criticism for “Nixonian tactics” after her administration admitted to creating a list of her most vocal critics and providing it to local authorities.

“The list was made in response to a request from the Boston Police Department after the Mayor had been harassed and physically intimidated by individuals for several months outside her home, at city functions such as the annual neighborhood parks coffee hours, and at other public events,” Wu spokesman Ricardo Patron said in a statement to the Boston Herald.

The acknowledgment by the administration that it had compiled the document came after the list was uncovered in an email obtained through a public records request by Wu’s opponents, the outlet noted.

The tactics used by the administration raise concern over whether Wu and her administration are attempting to silence or intimidate her critics, many of whom have protested outside of her home.

“The request (from police) came after many of the individuals on the list repeatedly impeded the Dorchester Day Parade to harass Mayor Wu and her family and staff, yelling through megaphones at her and her children for nearly ninety minutes as they marched in the parade despite being asked by parade organizers to leave the parade route,” Patron said, according to the Herald.

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  • These are the people the voters are voting into office so they really have no complaint. It seems to be these people are getting voted into office across the nation so guess that is what the public wants to live under.

  • I think she has forgotten where she is IN AMERICA AND NOT COMMUNIEST CHINA, didn’t the people voting NOT UNDERSTAND THIS ? she thinks she is still in Commonest china threating people who don’t agree with her like they do in China with imprisonment for challenging her is this what she plans next ? someone needs to lay the law on her and muzzle her if this is how she thinks America should be run. Who in their right mind even voted for her anyway ? …… democrats that’s who.



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