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At a news conference in July, Senator Mitch McConnell paused mid-speech, resulting in speculation about his ability to serve. However, many brushed off the incident and moved on.

Subsequently, another interruption occurred a month later, causing further concern.

Amidst questioning from reporters regarding his upcoming political plans, Senator McConnell was rendered speechless and appeared to be in a state of shock.

Upon further review of the video, hosts on the Rubin Report point out that McConnell’s aide gives a wink to the reporters present as she utters the phrase, “We’re going to need a minute.”

This seemingly small action has been overlooked due to many people being focused on McConnell’s behavior.

“I never noticed this in that second clip until I just saw it again,” says Isabel Brown. “His staffer actually winks at the camera … so it’s this open joke that we’re all aware of and everyone’s thinking but nobody’s willing to talk about it.”

“McConnell has had so much power for so long,” adds Dave Rubin, “and yet in those freeze-up moments, and we’ve seen it with Biden too, there is this fear in there because he knows something is wrong, [but] the people around him don’t care, and it becomes this self-fulfilling prophecy.”


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Doug Goldsmith

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  • Disgraceful brain damaged Traitor to all citizens who consider themselves Conservatives. This guy is the KING of RINOS only shoulder to shoulder with those in the picture, but RYAN, McCarthy and Pelosi and Barr

  • Disgraceful brain damaged Traitor to all citizens who consider themselves Conservatives. This guy is the KING of RINOS only shoulder to shoulder with those in the picture and the Likes of RYAN, McCarthy and even Pelosi and Barr

    • We’re not getting actual Genuine Patriot American Hero Leaders anymore, say like they did in the Great Generations Golden Years and previous generations; now they’re all prefab and basically installed puppets for “that man behind the curtain” as the adage goes from the classic Wizard flick; or in other words regulated by the Deep State Machine in the land of Oz! Yea I’d say we are pretty well screwed!

  • Got news for you – the Boomers greatest representatives were Bill Clinton & George W. Bush. Gen Xers & Millennials, don’t get your hopes up.

    • Yes Hugh, which definitely proves my point precisely! So flunky hacks with zero integrity and virtue! Then came the Muslim Bathhouse Barry and that says it all as to how bad things were and are getting! The truly immoral and most deviant will rule before the end!
      Look at the rise and fall of the Roman Empire and then the Third Reich, and you get my point I’m sure!

  • One simple question ? Is it McConnel or McCain that are making the decision to stay in office and run for reelection because of a power trip ? Or? Is it the Staff who are really holding the Reigns and Power behind the Face of McConnel and McCain, who
    do not want to lose their special position and all the privileges and control that comes from being in those offices controlling those individuals ?

    Is It Real ? or Is It Memorex ? / CGI ?

    • This is just too stupid to justify a response.

      The bottom line is McConnell, Biden, Finestein, Pelosi along with many others have outlived any plausible usefulness and need to be removed

      • Agreed,,Roscoe but the Communist brain Dead voters will continue to vote them back in.
        Meanwhile Piglosi has announced that She’ll be running again and I’ll bet the Commifornia voters will vote for her again.

        • Michael Smith; you do see what I’m spelling out here of course! It goes much deeper than that and the decay is rampant and in all corners; as the generation of “gimme and mostly takers” that have lost any sense of “genuine morality” infest the nation on all levels, and especially the “lackluster coming-up ones!”

          How do you change this paradigm when it’s so out of whack and took many decades to get this far astray? To where our greatest foreign adversaries or enemies like China’s CCP now have a stake in the operation internally!

          Not happening; at least not while “the rules are being made and enforced by cheats and criminals,” for a society that is “used to being led around by their noses!”

          Look at the nations of Central and South America and you can see many examples of what I’m spelling out here! And look how gleefully the Biden Administration with China rooting it on just keep packing in those lost masses from those locales, through our Southern Border!

      • Roscoe Roules; absolutely but then replaced with what or whom? Are we to think that many wonderful replacements are waiting in the wings within this current decaying and wicked system? Or that those really in charge will allow that! Actually take a hard look at what we have in the top executive position ATM! How can that be, just a failed election?

        We all need to pray and ask God to step in sooner rather than later, because this is getting really bad really fast!

        But it’s all been foretold so we should know where to put our trust, and it’s certainly not in other people that prove time and again; they’re so damned flawed! Especially nowadays!

    • Buffalo; you’re catching my drift, oh yes the “Reigns and Power,” who actually holds them and we know it isn’t these deluded despotic dried out husks of what may have once been a human being, but rather is so far removed from such now, having drank the elixir of false power and provided that false sense of importance fed to them daily that they lusted for, as their strings were pulled this way and that!

      Where do you suppose that adage came from that says; “some people will sell their souls to the Devil for fame and fortune!”

      It’s now happening all over the planet like never before in vast numbers!

  • McConnell is past his use date. He often goes along with the opposition in what is apparently an attempt to get along. But he does this at the expense of the American people. It is past time that he step aside and let someone with a backbone take over.



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