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Remember, right before the 2020 presidential election, the Hunter Biden laptop story that was pushed as “Russian disinformation”? It wasn’t. Hunter Biden’s laptop is “as real as a donut!” Sure, that’s a quote from the Quentin Tarantino movie, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

But you can rest assured that it fits the Hunter Biden laptop saga perfectly. It’s real, and it’s about to cause the entire Biden crime family a lot of “real headaches.” The New York Post first released a story about the discovery of a laptop belonging to then-candidate Joe Biden’s son.

The corrupt liberal mainstream media saw something that could derail their agenda of getting rid of President Trump. The information on the laptop was so damning, it could have swayed voters’ minds ahead of Election Day. The media could not allow this to happen.

They panicked. Social media blocked the New York Post story from being shared. News outlets scrambled for a narrative that would throw water on a potential forest fire. The Washington, D.C. swamp, in cahoots with the media, scampered to find a way to scuttle the story.

So-called “intelligence experts” proclaimed the existence of the laptop to be baseless Russian disinformation. It was real. Oh, but it was. Hunter Biden’s abandoned computer is so real; it’s earned itself a nickname: “The Laptop from Hell.”

This single piece of computer technology may create a situation that becomes “hotter than hell” for the Biden family and their crooked associates. Led by U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley, Republicans in Congress are probing the FBI’s laptop investigation.

High-ranking FBI officials are being accused of covering up the bulk of information coming out of the laptop investigation. This is big stuff. If the whistleblower’s accounts are true, this means that the most highly regarded law enforcement agency in the world is covering for the Biden family.

This is corruption at its core! A democracy cannot survive when federal law enforcement becomes politically biased. However, it’s been a problem for decades in the U.S. The Biden family, and their cronies, must have felt safe in that stooges at the FBI would cover for them.

But there’s still been a strong sense of apprehension among this “cabal of thieves.” No one has denied the laptop belongs to Hunter Biden. In fact, the Biden administration dodges questions with artful agility. However, the questions are getting stronger, and they’re going to come faster.

The original NY Post story was published on October 14, 2020. Within hours, one of Hunter Biden’s crooked business partners panicked first. James Gilliar was the first to panic. The former British special forces officer discussed the NY Post’s report with an unnamed individual.

During the Grassley-led probe into FBI corruption of the laptop investigation, this conversation was uncovered. Gilliar referred to Joe Biden as “The Big Guy.” This is one of the biggest revelations out of all the corrupt dealings contained within the laptop’s retrieved data.

Gilliar’s side of the conversation is clearly focused on covering his own butt. He asked the unknown person, “Hunter, Joe, or Joe’s campaign try to make it, oh, we were never involved, and try to basically make us collateral damage?”

Gilliar’s comments continue, “If they lose, honestly, I don’t think that the Big Guy really cares about that because he’ll be too busy focusing on all the other s**t he is doing.” Oops, talk about letting the “cat out of the proverbial bag!”

This may be the biggest and most secure link between Hunter Biden’s crooked business dealings and how big of a role his father played. The progression of statements by Gilliar essentially proves that Joe Biden is “the big guy!” Most knew he was from the very beginning.

Joe Biden not only knew about his son’s corrupt business ventures, Joe Biden was a part of them. Time will reveal that he is the one who orchestrated the whole scheme. The current President of the United States is a corrupt, filthy crime family boss.

Furthermore, high-ranking officials at the FBI have been corrupted into covering for these criminals. Chuck Grassley’s probe is “onto something big.” As the investigation continues, it’s creeping closer and closer to the White House doors.

Eventually, federal agents may be banging on the doors of the Oval Office, with warrants in hand. As the circle protecting Joe Biden erodes, no one will be willing to cover for him or his creepy son. The gig is up, Joe!

Doug Goldsmith

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  • Prosecutors also need to go after the media outlets that pushed to cover up. Obstruction of justice and collusion to overthrow and replace the US Presidency!

  • Don’t anyone hold their breath as to Federal agents knocking on the W/H door, not while weasel lapdog AG Garland is head of the DOJ.

    • Garland needs to be impeached along with Biden. Never before has the USA looked so much like a third world power and that’s all due to the Biden crime family.

    • And he is worse then Jeff the inert Sessions or Candy Barr? – I am qa 100% Trump man but just how did he not only once, but twice appoint swamp rats to high offices,,,,and I’m including that sneaky backstabber Mile the mole Pence.

      Just hope the stories about the President cleaning house wholesale when he gets back in his office are true.
      Start with the AG and fire anybody that was around since the half honky was in office down to the janitors and cleaning ladies. – Watch the “leaks” instantly stop.

      A total indiscriminate house cleaning is SOP in corporate America when the CEO changes. They fire and replace all the federal prosecutors when the president changes don’t they? Clean out the rest of them toot sweet. I just hope President Trump is not stupid enough to make the same gross error twice. TOTAL HOUSE CLEANING or you will have the same problems he had in his first 4 years.

      • I think that Trump relied on recommendations by his staff and failed to ‘vet’ the people that he hired. Unfortunately, they had experience working for the government and that was Trump’s downfall. He counted on insiders to fill the important spots and they were all corruptible weasels too, even the ones with the stellar reputations.

        • I think you’re right. He needs a whole new set of advisers. Especially if he is going to clean out the deep embeds in the 3-letter agencies as well, as he implies. The termites have had a long time to infest the premises, and multiply their numbers, and in adjacent domains. Fresh new eyes are needed for this job.

        • I don’t think he did keep them “blindly” I think it was all by design.. if you believe that there is a plan and always was one then these rats had to be left in or put in place to let them know just how exactly deep the S_ _t they were in and what was expected of them to not go all the way down with the ship. Keeping them in place for whatever the time gave the false sense of security to the enemy thinking that even if an outsider was in they still had eyes inside. If we see clearly through it don’t you think they would?? This is beyond our scope of what we all deal with on a daily. But if you have ever been in a narccassitic relationship it is almost the same premise.. you have to let on as if you don’t know they are dangerous in order for them to keep their guard down to a degree till you can get away. Kind of the same idea here but more involved and dangerous. I do think there is a plan only because all that was said is coming out – and all that was told is being leaked now and it is coming in all different directions.
          Then again I could be 100% wrong – none of us truly know and that is why we need to get involved in our government to get rid of all of the career politicians those that are in and those aspiring to be because who is teaching them???? Do we want more of this crap from a younger generation? Also I think the “sins of the father” clause should apply here and that if you are convicted of treason none of your bloodline can hold office because this crap is nepatism on steroids – our govt check out your local govt and state, your head will spin. They may not be related to the old dogs or they may but a new breed is trying to develop. So we the people need to step up and change things and make sure when enough of us are in we install term limits and term overall. Govt shouldn’t be left to greedy, crooked politicians and we aren’t their drones to control.

      • My only criticism of Pres. Trump was his unfortunate tendency to trust the WRONG people. He repeatedly appointed these corrupt swamp rats who did nothing but stab him in the back! But I have read he was more or less forced to do that, because Congress pretty much told him he would NEVER get anybody confirmed that they didn’t approve–and they ONLY approve swamp rats!

      • The old saying is ! Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies even closer. I believe this was President Trump game plan, but some he believed were his friends, turned out to be snakes in the grass, it was these that stabbed him in the back, Bar being the ring leader.
        I live in the UK and I don’t have a dog in the fight, so I take everything on board and look at everything with clear eyes. All you patriot s, should remember, what President promised when he was elected, he would have completed all of them, but he had the Democrats biting at his back for the full four years in office. Remember the British people held the UK government by the balls, untill the took us out of the EU, the American people have the right to replace any government if they don’t like what damage and standing they are doing to the USA and it’s people, get them out of power. Keep your faith in the people to do the right thing 🇺🇲🇬🇧

  • You got that right! We now know how utterly corrupt the system is that put this senile idiot puppet into the White House. We would be completely stupid to think such a rotted system would uphold justice. This administration needs the equivalent of an acid wash to drain the swamp and rid it of the toxic pollution.

  • Fellow citizens do you really think anything will become of this. They could have pictures, recordings, witnesses and it will be swept under the rug. They should all be got for treason but it will never happen. The only thing they are interested in is to prevent Trump from running. I have lost all trust in the feds.

    • I agree.. we have a double standard in our justice dept.. they will destroy your if you’re a republican/conservative but if you are a democRAT/liberal you barely get a slap on the wrist… DemocRATS one agenda right now is to take down this country and maintain power and control over the people.. they will do every thing they can to destroy Trump and his supporters so he does not get back in the white house.. they will lie, cheat, create a fabricated evidence to take him down… Our country is being ripped apart by these democRATS … Satan must be so proud of the democRATS with their lies and their hate and anti-American agenda. God help us all

  • The Republicans not only have to win big in November, they must grow spines and everything else that it’ll take to see this thing completely through.
    Absolutely no deal making! There shouldn’t be any need to make deals with the treasonous.

    But, as in every other prior Democrat scandal, the Republicans would rather snatch defeat from the jaws of total victory!

  • It is getting to the point that if the so called prosecutors don’t do their job we need to prosecute them for adding and abetting! What is the point of paying for what they are not doing? It just causes the people to not trust the government more and more

  • As more and more evidence pours out, Pedophile, corrupt, murdering, criminal Joe Biden continues to destroy America as there’s nothing going to happen to him or his family. The FBI and Garland “should all be charged and hanged for Treason ” I for one defy the federal government as long as there’s corruption and Treason against the United States and the American people.

    • And guess what is going to happen to all this evidance. Some will get lost and some will have the chain of evidence broken, the prosecutors will muff the discovery on what is left and it all will be thrown out of court during a suppression hearing and the charges will then be dismissed for lack of evidence. The fix is in already or there would have been an indictment already (Like the Oath Keepers) The writing is on the wall already.

      CASE DISMISSED with prejudiced.

  • I hate this crap. Another ten to fifteen year investigation by the justice department. This means, that the criminals investigate themselves to see if they can put themselves in prison. Nothing has happened since the laptop was discovered, nothing will happen under the two-tiered system of justice in the United States of America. It is all rhetoric and is all we ever get out of this corrupt congress/senate/MSM.

  • With as much corruption as we have seen in the FBI! I really doubt it can ever be repaired! But at the very least we need the top bunch of criminals including judges need to be in jail forever. Soon the people will not wait for a corrupt judge to hide their crime . The people will just do the job the paid government refused to do. Them they will wonder why it happened to them! They will scream WHAT ABOUT THE LAW AND A FAIR TRIAL! The thing they ignored for decades! And in the end they will destroy themselves and nobody will care!

    • The blueprint for corruption is seen in the Mueller investigation, 2 Trump impeachments featuring Schiff’s kangaroo court, and the MVP of corruption, the January 6th conferences. The only way to end this is to get out in November and vote the House and Senate back to the Republican party. Then it’s time for the swamp dwellers to face the music, and that includes their loyal partners in the mainstream media.

  • Give me a break. Biden has been “exposed” many times over but has Never been “derailed”, or even singed by these bombshells. What makes you believe this is going to be any different? Lied about qualifications: yawn. Sniffs & gropes kids in public: nothing to see here. Brags on tv about collusion in getting the Ukrainian prosecutor fired: again, nothing. Bribes from China, dirty laptop, Big Guy cut, coked out son, showering with granddaughter, and the list goes on. Wtf has been done about any of it?! Not a gd thing!

  • Does anyone in our beautiful country realize that the Biden crime family which includes Joe Biden, the POTUS has compromised us. The rapture is coming. It’s time to turn to God

  • If the Republicans would grow a spine and go scorched earth against the Biden crime family, the FBI, and the DOJ and do some serious investigation and bring impeachment charges; only then maybe something of substance might happen if they would win the house and Senate in November.

  • Democrats, Leftist Courts, Marxist groups and all their seditious leaders and sycophants are engaged in overt acts of Anarchy, Insurrection, Sedition and Treason.

    They MUST BE and CAN BE arrested ALL AT ONCE using RICO laws.

    DNC leadership
    GOP RINO’s
    SCOTUS leftists
    9th Circuit Court (Break it into three and add patriots)
    DOJ (Top brASS)
    CIA (Top brASS)
    DOD (Top brASS)
    FBI (Top brASS)
    IRS (Top brASS)
    DHS (Top brASS)
    ICE (For following illegal Executive Orders)
    Border Patrol (For following illegal Executive Orders)
    All Democrat election officials nationwide.
    All muslims in any office nationwide.

    That is enough for now, get busy!

  • This battle with the ‘Deep State’ will not go away anytime soon!!! If you believe in America and truly want to clean the swamp, then get ready for a rough ride. The Deep State Clintons have proven many times that they will ‘remove’ anybody that gets in their way!!! Anyone that supports the Deep Swamp State will do the same!!

    We are in a battle for the soul of our nation!! Unless we change direction to stop these criminals, things will only get worse!!!

    Pray hard to God…

  • I saw enough of what was on that computer, it was disgusting, like the Chinese offering Hunter a 10 yr. old little girl to have sex with. I saw another one also but i will wait to mention who it was.

  • All this ink we’ve had since 2020 and nothing’s been done?? Total corruption from at least 4 different directions and not a single indictment?? Let the “party” continue to roll! If I’m a gambling man I’d wager that they will continue to “party” until 2024.



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