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It has become progressively harder to stand behind a party that disregards and shuns its constituents. On Tuesday, the House Republicans cast their ballots for a new Speaker candidate.

Initially, there were eight contenders, however, after several rounds of secret voting, it was eventually narrowed down to two.

  1. Rep. Tom Emmer (R-MN)
  2. 2. Rep. Mike Johnson (R-LA)

GOP voters overwhelmingly supported Jim Jordan for Speaker, but on Friday the caucus voted to oust him.

Tom Emmer has reportedly been working to oppose Trump candidates in the 2022 election, and he has expressed a desire to alter the US Constitution so that the popular vote and “radical left blue states” would be able to choose the President, eliminating the Electoral College.

Today, on the fifth vote, Tom Emmer won.

5th round

Emmer – 117
Johnson -97
Other – 5
Present – 1

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Doug Goldsmith

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  • Why a secret ballot ? What are they hiding…. Stand up like men and women of integrity and vote in the open…. I don’t know how to trust those voting when they are not willing to do it openly. It is disgusting.

    • Thje gop can’t be trusted!!!!! I have been saying for years that the gop is no longer an opposition party but are merele an arm of the devildemocommiecrat party!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tom Emmer has been associated with George Soros. That should be a disqualifier for giving him any GOP support, let alone for the speakership.

    • I agree. Anyone associated with George Soros is automatically presumed to be on a watch list as potential Traitor in my book !! He has spent millions trying to destroy our Democracy and interfere with the elections. He is pushing hard for a dictator ship with a one world order

  • Hey Liberal GOP. You’ll NEVER get another $donation from me AGAIN!! I’m done with you sellout pos!!! The voters wanted Jim Jordan!

  • if emmer has ever had any dealings with george soros as much as shaking his hand our country is gone down the tubes if they vote him in as speaker of the house he will cave worse than boehber ryan and mccarthy all put together folks we need to praqy that when they bring this to the floor he dont get to 217 or we are the titanic slowly going down

    • Nothing slow about it, America is going down like a piece of granite!!!!! The rapture must be imminent, get prayed up and repented!!!!!!!!!!

  • If this DOG wins the Speaker position there will be a CIVIL WAR!! Just sayin’!! and NO, I haven’t said this before!

      • I am too old and too disabled to fight in the war!!!!! I have the training and experience but will be 74 in January and am very disabled from a stroke!!!!! I believe the rapture of the Church is imminent!!!!!!!!!!

  • Many of us are watching the Republicans, and Democrats, sticking it to the people. God knows ALL about ALL of these things, Nothing is hidden from him. Most do not fear God- and they have no idea what THAT fear, will mean for them/they never give it a second thought. It is that those making decisions and deals, do not even consider what God would say. Jesus will return for those who have followed him/love and believe in him. Others will be left behind, and will AWAIT the day, when each one comes before God, and he passes judgement upon them. You do not shake hands with evil, and break bread, and think you can walk with God, too. THAT will not happen. The Leaders of America, will be held responsible, for all decisions made, that would have not met God’s approval. AMEN.

  • If this SOB makes it to speaker our country as we knew it is done for. We cannot have his ilk in congress. He is anti US; he needs to be put out of our misery. For GODs sake put Kevin McCarthy back in not this vile creature. Time to retake our government. Jim Jordan should have won, what the hell is the matter with you Republicans your flushing America down the toilet. I hope you are proud as we sink into the abyss you have created.

    • They are doing what soros is paying them to do, sell us out to the one world government global dictatorship headed by satan himself!!!!!!!!!!

  • Betrayed again by the deep state gop establishment!!!!! Well, there doesn’t seem to be any reason to vote as the gop has definitively told me that voting for them is the same as voting for devildemocommiecrats!!!!! Satan is now in total control of the entire federal government!!!!! Come quickly, Jesus!!!!!!!!!!



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