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Most Americans value freedom and individual choice. However, the Biden regime’s latest push for electric vehicles poses a direct threat to both of these principles.

According to a recent report by the Daily Mail, the Transportation Department has issued a mandate for automakers to drastically increase their fuel efficiency standards in order to remain in business. Not only must they squeeze an additional 16 miles per gallon out of cars, but they are also required to double the fuel efficiency of trucks.

This move is part of the Regime’s larger plan to phase out gas-powered vehicles entirely by 2032, as reported by the Gateway Pundit.

And while this may seem like a noble effort towards combating climate change, it comes at a high cost for hardworking Americans.

The government’s attempt at promoting electric vehicles has already proven disastrous with the recent failure of EV charging stations across the country. This is just another example of how government intervention in industries they have little understanding of can have catastrophic consequences.

Not only will this mandate put immense financial strain on automakers who will be forced to invest in expensive technology and research, but it will also lead to job losses in an already struggling economy. The automotive industry employs millions of Americans and any disruption or decline in demand could have devastating effects on families and communities.

This push towards electric vehicles ignores the fact that not all Americans can afford or even have access to them. For many people, gas-powered vehicles are their only means of transportation and taking that away would be a huge blow to their way of life.

But perhaps the most concerning aspect of this mandate is the government’s attempt to control and limit our choices as consumers. By forcing us to use electric vehicles, they are infringing on our individual freedoms and disregarding the principle of a free market.

This is not the first time the Biden regime has imposed economically crippling environmental regulations. Just two months ago, they finalized a set of rules aimed at reducing gas-powered vehicle emissions. These types of policies do nothing but harm American businesses and hinder economic growth.

We have a responsibility to be good stewards of the Earth, but that does not mean blindly following extreme environmental policies that come at great cost to our nation. We must find a balance between protecting our planet and preserving the prosperity and freedom of our country.

Joe Biden’s new scheme to kill off gas-powered vehicles is just another example of his administration’s overreach and disregard for American values.

We must stand up against these oppressive mandates and demand that our voices be heard. Let us not forget that it is our right as Americans to choose how we live our lives, including what type of vehicle we drive.

Let us continue to fight for freedom and prosperity for all Americans.

Doug Goldsmith

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  • I have a KIA PHEV, second one. When we bought it in Florida we gassed up to come to NY for the summer. We had 1,200 miles on it and put 4 gallons of gas in it! Wow! All electric vehicles are a joke which is why no one wants them! Hybrid saves a lot of money and better for the green people. No need to stop for no or very few charging stations.



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