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It is no secret that the current President of the United States, Joe Biden, has had a rough start to his Presidency. The latest instance of this comes as Biden skipped Tuesday night’s NATO dinner and headed straight to his hotel room in Lithuania. This event was blamed on Biden’s busy schedule and upcoming big speech for missing the big dinner.

“Biden is not attending tonight’s dinner with NATO leaders,” the US official said, adding the president has “four full days of official business and is preparing for a big speech tomorrow, in addition to another day at the summit.”

At 80 years old, it appears that Biden just cannot keep up with the grueling schedule he is expected to keep as President of the United States.

This was evidenced when he arrived at Windsor Castle on Monday–limping alongside King Charles III. His time in Lithuania only further showed how hard it is for him to stay ahead of his agenda–the Lithuanian president having to act as a caretaker and guide before Biden disappeared for the evening.

The White House stated that “Biden is not attending tonight’s dinner with NATO leaders” due to an abundance of commitments which included “four full days of official business and [a] preparing for a big speech tomorrow, in addition to another day at the summit.”

These events are crucial for maintaining relationships with foreign nations; however, it appears that age may be catching up with our Commander-in-Chief who simply cannot keep up if these reports are true.

This could be seen as a sign that Joe Biden may not have what it takes to lead us through these turbulent times—and while we should respect him regardless—it could indicate deeper issues related directly or indirectly linked back to his age and ability to serve effectively as President of The United States during this time period.

It is worrying news for those looking towards America’s future and its ability to remain competitive amid an increasingly turbulent geopolitical landscape both abroad and domestically.

Doug Goldsmith

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  • “and while we should respect him regardless” SERIOUSLY!!!!
    Biden is scum, he is not a legitimate president; he stole the election. He lies about everything; been doing it his entire life. He’s a criminal, whoring out his office to whoever pays the price. He’ stupid, condescending and a pedofile.
    Why would anyone respect that pos?

    • I Agree… He’s a compulsive liar. Almost everything he says is a lie . He’s a traitor and the whole family is corrupt. And the doj and the fbi are covering up for him . He needs to be impeached.

    • Mr. McCormick I absolutely agree with you, I still say President Trump is still my President… ????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • If we had a competent Vice President, the USA could still have been represented at the NATO dinner. I note with interest that no one in our government has seriously claimed to have suggested that.

  • BED? He’s just afraid he’ll have to pick up the tab. Who’s going to bring a doggy bag back to his room? Rest that one brain cell fool.

  • Biden is a FRAUD and must be impeached and removed from office for stealing an election, and other various crimes !!

  • why do u think he brought John Kerry along to attend to the mundane subject of Climate Warming? The zone changes, the time changes are alot even for much younger people – but 88/////???

  • Hopefully someone changed his diaper before he went to bed. Also hopefully, senile Biden doesn’t scream “God save the Queen” at the important speech tomorrow. He is know to yell this on special occasions.

  • “We should respect him regardless”??? WHO on God’s green earth should “respect” a treasonous, lying saboteur? In essence, Beijing joe is just fraudbama 2.0 grinding out a third destructive term! Both should be facing court martial and execution!

    • When I served in the military, during the Vietnam War, it was made clear to us that leaking any classified information to the enemy was considered Treason, which meant facing the firing squad. I flew many secret missions and our lips were sealed. This POS so called President has committed Treason on many occasions, and the sad thing is that nobody seems to care! Sad!

  • The only commitment Brandon has is with a warm bowl of oatmeal and getting to bed around 7:00 pm this old gas bag is lucky if he can put his pants in by himself. If you voted for this nightmare pat yourself on the back you should be so proud.

  • Biden is a totally worthless corrupt Politician and is a disgrace to our Country. Him and a bunch of his other corrupt buddies should have already been put to sleep permanently by execution for all their treasonous acts and their continuing attempts to overthrow our great Republic, our Legal system and Constitution, our Economy and opening up our Borders to all illegals, terrorists and drug Lords. May he die in his sleep and Rest in Peace so our Country can get back on course
    Oh Forgot, No well in Hell is the Devil going to allow him to rest in Peace. He deserves all the pain the Devil will bestow on him which is nothing more than the sum total of all the pain he has brought on to many good U.S. citizens and their families.

    • So do you actually think that we would be much better off with our current Vice President in charge of things? I think not. We will still be going down into the dark sewer of communism.

      • Hey Artfart. No Shit!! She will never be President. She’s as corrupt as Biden and has done zero for this country and would be included in the list of traitors to be executed. When you go after Biden, you go after them all!!
        Now do you understand????

        • Forgot to say. I do agree with you that it’s sad that nothing has been done even though many are guilty of treason. Just thought you misunderstood my saying they all need to be indicted and locked up at all levels, including FBI, CI A, DOJ, etc. Individuals.
          As far as I’m concerned, they are trying to overthrow our great country and all should be eliminated. If the legal system would support our laws, then forcibly eliminated

  • To tired? more like he cant be seen in public because he has alzheimers that has progressed to the point he doesn’t know where he is at and he is bumping into walls. But tired is the story they are going with..

  • There was a statement made last night that “this is the most corrupt administration in history”. Absoutely the most accurate statement ever made.
    What else could the country expect. A middle class person spending his adult life in congress and becoming a millionaire. He did not ever hold a job and did not inherit his money. He and his family are corrupt liars and will sell out to the highest bidder. The definition of traitor. Democrats need to acknowledge what he is and join the Republicsns in impeaching Biden and Harrison. Clean the FBI DOJ
    and SECRET SREVICE just as a start.

  • Can only think of one better than NATO to miss and that would be the UN. We need to get out of both. Funny the only time Biden does anything right is when he’s sleeping.

  • why the hell would BUYDEN deserve respect? he will get NONE from me, he doesn’t deserve respect when he lies to the American people EVERY SINGLE DAY

  • But Democrats, with only worse options, claim Biden to be fit for another 4 years! It is more likely, he isn’t fit for another 4 months!

  • Had Communist China Joe gone he might ask “where’s the little girls” and ask “where’s my ice cream”
    I totally agree with alot of you, I absolutely hate that Mother Fu****, Thanks to that pedophile TRAITOROUS POS I’m out of a job and my wife and I are on a fixed income I receive only $537.00 a month in SS And I’ve drained my savings account so we’re barely getting by.
    No one can depend on the traitorous Communist government anymore and while illegals are getting $1,500.00 a month and free housing and cell phones and education my wife and I will be slowly dieing since we can barely afford hamburger.
    We spend almost everything we have on utilities and the cost of fuel for our car is killing us, we’ve got Dr’s appointments and sometimes have to cancel them.
    I wish for all the Communist Democrats and Rinos to die a painful and slow death.
    I don’t care if it sounds harsh but we’re being treated like 2nd class citizens and the illegals are at the top of the Communist Democrats for assistance.
    I’ve read where the traitorous BLM are calling for the killing of all police officers and white people, Obama was asked to try and calm things down but the traitorous Communist Muslim bastard said “NO”hes sided with the blackass thugs and approves their upcoming War.
    Fu** them all.!!Die all you commie Democrat son of a bitches.!

  • The White House stated that “Biden is not attending tonight’s dinner with NATO leaders” due to an abundance of commitments

    Of course we believe that wasn’t because he cant stay awake for 4 hrs straight without a nap.. the guy is so busy forgiving rich peoples student loans , getting rid of how people cook there food, bankrupting our oil company’s, spending our tax dollars on WOKE socialism. No wonder he is so tired that would tire anyone out.

    • Plus, he cannot keep up. He is too frail and definitely has problems that no one wants to admit. In addition to all of it, he and his family are corrupt and should not even be President.

  • Biden should not be President. He can not keep up with all that is expected and should be expected of the President of the United States. He definitely should NOT run again and Kamala is not up for the job at all.



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