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If the Biden administration could be described in one word, it would be an injustice.

Never in U.S. history has a presidential administration seen such a blatant attack on civil liberties and the rule of law, particularly on constitutional due process and the presumption of innocence, as what is happening under Biden and his Department of Justice.

Donald Trump has become a political prisoner of the manipulated justice system, fueling his base and countrymen to levels unseen since he entered politics in 2015.

Jeff Clark, who was Acting United States Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Division at the Department of Justice, was called upon by President Trump to investigate claims of election fraud in Georgia and other states.

Clark now faces criminal charges for his honest efforts to address election fraud allegations from the 2020 election, especially in Georgia where evidence strongly suggests fraudulent activities.

He has been indicted and forced to take a mugshot alongside Attorney John Eastman and President Trump last summer.

Former senior Trump official Jeffrey Clark is currently in court in Washington DC, where he risks losing his license as part of the ongoing persecution against President Trump and his supporters.

Clark served as the interim leader of the civil division at the Justice Department during the Trump administration. He raised doubts about the legitimacy of the 2020 presidential election, which saw Joe Biden become President following late-night ballot arrivals in key states.

In today’s America, Republicans are prohibited from challenging election results, with consequences akin to those faced by Jeffrey Clark.

During his recent interview with independent journalist Breanna Morello, Clark discussed his trial for the first time.

Morello played a recording of Harry Haury’s testimony, in which he claimed that Bill Barr had pressured Tony Shaffer to halt an investigation into postal trucks transporting thousands of ballots from New York to Pennsylvania in 2020.

Previously, The Gateway Pundit had highlighted a contentious call between Bill Barr and Tony Shaffer.

During their discussion on Monday, Breanna Morello asked Attorney Clark if he was told to stand down from investigating any of the tips of election fraud.

Jeff Clark: Let me just summarize for your viewers that there is either in the public record or in testimony from my trial, three separate incidents where former Attorney General Barr shut down investigations. One is that Bill McSwain, who was the US Attorney in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, that’s Philadelphia, my hometown, where my mom, who was a poll worker, certainly watched various shenanigans through the years and would bring home those stories to me. This is not a topic that I had no prior exposure to. I also applied to clerk for a federal judge, Clarence Newcomer, who had a major election, non integrity case in Philadelphia, which he helped expose and shut down, called the La Nueva forma, the new way to vote, which involves something like absentee ballots before they were actually illegal, going door to door to collect them. That was a no-no under Pennsylvania law at the time. In any event, back to Bill McSwane. He was the US attorney in Philadelphia, and he said that he had very important and credible election fraud information that he wanted to pursue.

And so he went to Barr and he asked if he could investigate it. And Barr told him, no, don’t investigate it. And if you find anything or you’ve already found anything, turn it over to the attorney general of Pennsylvania who had already pre-announced Brianna that Trump was going to lose in Pennsylvania. So this was like a road to nowhere. Mcswane said, look, I’m a military guy. I saluted, even though I disagreed with it. Now, Later, after he left office, after Biden had been inaugurated as President, I think in June of 2021, if memory serves, he sent a letter to President Trump where he exposed this episode.

…The other two episodes are the Jesse Morgan episode where Colonel Tony Schaffer, who was in military intelligence, was ordered to stop his investigation of that incident and other incidents by Bill Barr. We did get that testimony in through expert and fact witness, Harry Haury. He wore both of those hats.

Then the third incident is one that Matt Gaetz gave to us because his former law partner, Larry Keefe, was the US Attorney in in one of the districts of Florida. There had been allegations that Andrew Gillham, who had run for governor, Democrat, was engaged in election shenanigans. Larry Keefe wanted to investigate that, and Bill Barr told him to shut that down.

We asked for permission from DOJ to have both Larry Keefe and Bill McSwane, two former US attorneys in the Trump administration, to come in and testify, and DOJ blocked that.

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  • So much for thinking Bill Barr was a good guy just another member of the good old boys club in Washington

  • I’ll bet that the Communist Democrats threatened Bill Barr and that his family would be targeted.
    I don’t doubt anything the Communist Democrats would say and do to keep their stance on the destruction of America.
    There’s nothing can be done about the stealing of the 2021 Election, the Communist Democrats have won by threats and bribery.
    The same thing will be tried again in the 2024 Election if We The People allow it to happen, and again absolutely nothing will be investigated since the Anti-American, Anti-Constitution, Communist Democrats always get away with Treason and High Crimes against the Constitution and the American Citizens.
    War is the only answer and that should have happened two years ago but the American people won’t use the 2nd Amendment right to remove or wage War against Communism.

  • All of the ACTORS should be rounded up and get them to squeal on each other. Jill wrote a book about just having to become the First Lady as she had also been the Second lady under the Obama years. I do believe that Dr. Jill is just as guilty as (President ) Joe. They knew the cheat was in when they were declared the winners of the election. The Long Island N.Y. fake votes and the night running USPS trucks running them into Pennsylvania at 4 a.m.

  • Barr even finally admitted in a press interview that there were no DOJ investigations into voter fraud even though he personally told Trump everything had been looked at.

  • We all know Barr lost all support and most people know he was a liar and a stone-cold RINO. He is a dog and a back stabber to the people of American, he is such a sad person not sure how he looks at himself in the mirror each and every day. I wonder how much he got for his soul when he sold it to the Devil or was it just a gift. He did make all the Hitler Democrat Party members happy when he kneeled at their feet and kissed their a*sses as he sold Amerca down the river. This is my opinion and my beliefs. We should pray for these kinds of people that someday my may get there souls back from the Devil and redeem their self’s.



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