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Almost as soon as the first Russian army boots stepped across the Ukrainian border, the world’s leaders proclaimed how remarkable Ukraine’s president was. Volodymyr Zelenskyy was compared to many of the greatest leaders in world history. If people really wanted to know the truth, they’d be startled to discover this perception is wrong – very wrong.

First, Volodymyr Zelenskyy is an actor. We don’t mean he fabricates who he is. He was a professional actor. The so-called leader of a “free Ukraine” is putting on an Academy Award-winning performance. Volodymyr Zelenskyy is not who the mainstream media says he is. The man is not the elected leader of a democratic society that mirrors the United States.

On the contrary, Zelenskyy is an oppressive autocrat. But world leaders have hailed him as a valiant hero. Why would they do this? It’s because many of these supposedly elected public servants want a full-scale global war. The rich ruling class gets rich when war breaks out. But while the wealthiest of the wealthy get wealthier, young men and women die.

If you want to know Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s true intentions, look no further than those last five words. A man who is “supposedly” a democratically elected leader is anything but. There is a different reality to the person who Time Magazine named its “Person of the Year 2022.” But people refuse to accept that the perception they’re being sold is accurate.

It’s not: “Volodymyr Zelenskyy is an instrument of total destruction.” The Ukrainian president has repeatedly clamored for American taxpayers to open up their wallets to support his country’s battle against a perceived “evil empire.” The Ukrainian empire is equally as evil as Russia. Zelenskyy has suppressed free speech and shut down freedom of religion.

He has waged a personal war against the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. At one point a few years back, Zelenskyy silenced a political rival by putting him in jail. Does this sound like a democracy? If your answer is no, you’d be correct. But world leaders, parroted by the corrupt mainstream media, continue to say the Ukrainian president is some kind of hero.

Zelenskyy has been compared to many of the greatest wartime leaders in history. The most prominent comparison has been to Winston Churchill. That comparison would be funny if they were joking. They’re not. However, Volodymyr Zelenskyy isn’t anything even close to Winston Churchill. But he is very similar to another former world leader.

Take a look at a side-by-side photograph of Zelenskyy and a former dictator. Notice anything similar between the notorious Fidel Castro and the Ukrainian president, besides the tendency to love wearing a military uniform? In their younger years, they look somewhat alike. Listen to audio recordings of the two men speaking. The voice resemblance is eerie. But there’s another similarity that’s even more shocking.

When Fidel Castro welcomed a communist power as a bed partner, he knew it would provoke the United States. Castro wanted a global war with the U.S. as its central actor. Zelenskyy is no different. He proclaimed that the U.S. needs to prepare itself to “send their sons and daughters to die for Ukraine.” Are these the words of a leader who wants peace? No, they are not.

These are threats. This has been the endgame since Putin launched his invasion. There have been numerous opportunities for peace. They haven’t even been attempted. The ruling-class elite want a global war. They’ll get their sons and daughters a free pass out of harm’s way. But your children might not be so fortunate. Volodymyr Zelenskyy is not who people say he is. He is not a hero. He is a tyrant who wants a global war.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • I am firmly opposed to allowing Russia to accomplish another land grab in an effort to restore the Russian Empire. At the same time, I recognize that Ukraine the country (and certainly not all the people) has for many years been corrupt and autocratic with no real experience at democratic governance. There must be limits however on our participation both in treasure and in arms and proper accounting must be made. I foresee no instance wherein it would be necessary or advisable to commit “boots on the ground”. I have back-to-back tours as an advisor in ‘Nam and I know for a fact that we as a nation are not very proficient at “nation building” in the midst of a war. This is an achievement the Ukranian people, with the help of others, must do themselves….and thus far the people there are doing quite well.

    • There is more to this Proxy War than people know , Ukraine has been persecuting Russians within in their border for a decade !!

      Zelensky is a Koppo , and supports JEW Hating Nazis Groups like Swaboda and AZOV !!

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  • russia and china pushing for a wwii reenactment in the likes of japan and nazi germany
    and the commie democrat pedophile marxist woke fascist racist cult party still getting their stipends from china to destroy America.

  • This guy is crazy.Time for Mr.Putin to do the right thing before all our troops are killed for nothing.

  • Reverse the roles would this clown send Ukrainian sons and daughters to help the US would he be sending BILLIONS of his taxpayers money????? NO he wouldn’t!!! Stop supporting war. Biden supports war which will get more Americans killed!!!! Maybe he can send hunter back and put him on the front line or maybe Piglosi son/ daughter can be first to help. Oh that’s right when war breaks out they run and hide there’s no loyalty to America then!!!!

  • This is Zelenskyy’s war. W e should never have given him monetary support or equipment. He is causing world wide turmoil with his requests, actions, and poor demeanor. We owe him nothing and should respond accordingly.

  • Why should we send our soldiers to defend one of the most corrupt countries in the world. Why? Because they paid the Biden crime family millions of dollars, just like China did. Zelenskyy is a totalitarian criminal.
    No more money, no more arms and no American military. He needs to negotiate a settlement with Putin and then keep ukranian biolabs off the Russian border.
    This little dictator wants a WW and we will lose people, our economy and security.

    • No Mike, that’s exactly what he said. Biden has fucked up everything he has touched in his two years in office. Biden giving our tax money to this criminal has one possible explanation, Biden is a dirty son bitch and needs Zelenskyy to remain quite about the Biden families kick backs. If you believe for a minute that Biden gives a fiddler’s fuck about you, your family or any other American family, you sir should be in the same mental institution as Fetterman.

  • Is it even remotely possible that biden would reinstate the draft to send our youngsters to Ukraine? Maybe if there is enough money in the wind. Regardless of what Zelenskyy intimates here, Ukraine is not a NATO member. I would expect that U.S. citizens would stand up and rebel against this extreme stupidity.

  • Let’s send ALL the ‘of age’ offspring of the democrats, no exceptions, FIRST, to Ukraine, to fight and die. See how that goes!


    • Linda, you are so right.! He’s also a funnel for the Communist Democrats, billions sent and millions funneled right back to Biden.
      I believe the Republicans know that because they get a cut too, that’s why they’re not doing anything.
      We’re all being played.



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