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It’s not exactly a secret that Big Tech and the Biden White House work hand-in-hand. These tech giants would all do anything to try and protect Joe Biden like a parent would protect their infant child.

But the fact of the matter is that people just hate Joe Biden and they have good reason to feel this way. He’s literally sent us spiraling into the worst economy we’ve had in decades and he did it all in the matter of less than a year.

If you’ve ever happened to stumble upon the White House’s YouTube account and looked at their videos, then you’ve probably noticed that every single video has way more dislikes than they have likes.

It’s not because of some wild conspiracy on the right to dislike every YouTube video that features Joe Biden. It’s simply because nobody likes Joe Biden.

It’s not just on YouTube that you see this it’s literally everywhere that you turn. Joe Biden has no support whatsoever.

Now that being said it is still the unofficial job of the tech giants to try and preserve the reputation of Biden even though he has completely shattered it himself. Take a look at this screenshot I took:


By the way, just look at how many views these videos actually get. For someone who is the “most liked” president in history, nobody seems to care about what he actually has to say. Compare that to almost any video of President Trump and you’ll see that these videos are watched by millions of people.

Well, YouTube has taken things to the next level to try and protect Joe Biden from all of the bad publicity. They have now deleted the dislike count on videos as an effort to hide the fact that nobody likes him.

In the past, we’ve also seen YouTube removing dislikes from the White House videos to try and cover up how hated he is.

According to Tech Radar,

YouTube, in an update via a blog post, said this was part of a series of steps that it would be taking to ensure that YouTube promotes respectful interactions between viewers and creators.

Instagram tested and rolled out this feature around the same time in 2019. Earlier this year, both Facebook and Instagram allowed users the freedom to hide even the likes on a post through a new settings option. These measures were a result of many reports from mental health advocates who believe that public likes and dislikes were causing anxiety and stress in the post-CΟVID-19 world.


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