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We’ve probably all witnessed our own COVID-crazy moments. Mask mandates; have provided thousands of eye-popping examples. People can be observed driving alone in their car, fully masked.

Others videos have been shared of people, yards away from another person, wearing a mask outdoors. Exercise enthusiasts have been spotted gasping and wheezing; trying to run with a mask attached across their mouth and nose.

Joe Biden was spotted, playfully enjoying his new puppy at the seashore, “masked-up”. The problem was there was no one around other than his thrice vaccinated wife and Biden’s pooch. The possibility of breathing in airborne COVID-infecting particles was zero.

One thing about masks and COVID that hasn’t changed, radical viral freaks wear them just for show. However, in Argentina, one woman put on a “little strip show” to show her ambition to be mask compliant.

It seems that to celebrate her New Year’s Day, a woman in Godoy Cruz wanted some ice cream. Godoy Cruz is a city in the Mendoza province of western Argentina. It appears the ice cream parlor adhered to rigid Argentinean mask mandates.

This woman did not have a mask. However, she apparently really, really wanted some ice cream. Instead of searching for a viable alternative mask, she decided she was already wearing one; her dress.

While the dress would probably meet the scientific requirements for a face covering, it was the result that shocked one fellow customer. CCTV footage recorded a father in the ice cream parlor with his three daughters.

As the woman shed her dress to accommodate the “mask police”, it was very clear this man had a hard time not looking. Not sure whether the sexy striptease triggered his interest, or if it was the outlandish idea of this woman removing her clothing to invent a mask.

The CCTV video also shows the poor father’s mask slipping down below his nose. It may have been tugged down from the mouth wide open astonishment he was watching. The woman struggled to get her dress tied around her head.

Consequently, she aborted the ideal; leaving the parlor without her ice cream. While the surprised father hopefully enjoyed his ice cream, he certainly got an unexpected show. There has been an insane push for mask compliance.

We had to expect situations like this would eventually happen. The Buenos Aires Times provides detailed reports and updates for Argentina’s ever-changing COVID-19 policies. Nevertheless, we highly doubt they envisioned this woman’s dedication to mask to compliance.

We suppose if a business wants to rigidly impose a customer mask mandate, that’s their choice. However, management might want to provide a box full of handy disposal alternatives. Otherwise, compliance may prove embarrassing.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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