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It didn’t take long after Joe Biden stole the 2020 Presidential Election for Americans to witness how bad of a politician he really is. Biden is a carrier politician who has accomplished little more than to disrupt lives and propose failing policies.

His pitiful record on foreign policy is one of his most glaring shortcomings. America watched it play out in real-time during the abysmal withdrawal from Afghanistan. Biden’s open border policy is proof he is little more than a puppet for the radical left’s agenda.

Biden’s economic policies have triggered the worst inflation in over a generation. His undermining of U.S. energy policy has stripped our country of energy independence to now pleading for a reliance on foreign oil again.

Joe Biden has been an abject failure. Virtually everyone in the Democrat Party is running away from him, especially the radical progressives who got him elected. The Democrat Party is now akin to a rudderless ship, aimlessly floating adrift without direction.

Despite Biden indicating he plans to run again in 2024, if he even makes it that far, an overwhelming number of registered Democrats hope he won’t. However, who might the loony liberals launch as their next candidate to steal their way into the White House?

Some think the South Bend Mayor, Pete Buttigieg, should be the new face of the party. However, Buttigieg can’t even handle the job of U.S. Secretary of Transportation. How in the world could anyone rightfully have faith after this weak and frail presentation of leadership?

So, what’s left for the liberal party, trying to ramrod socialism down Americans’ throats? Thankfully, Bolshevik Bernie is obviously never going to earn a Democrat Party nomination. Soon, after conservatives retake control of Congress, Bernie Sanders will be an afterthought.

This means Democrats are back to trying to hang their hat on Kamala Harris as their heir-apparent to the most incompetent president in U.S. history. The Democrat front-runner for 2024 was obliterated in her party’s own primary, plus has a worse approval rating than her boss.

But who might the liberals choose past what most deem is a foregone, but losing conclusion? Well, we have some disturbing news for those who dread the thought of Barack Obama “act four”. Many insist that the former two-term president eerily overshadows the Biden White House.

Moreover, a Fox News poll showed that Democrats put his wife but a few points below Harris as a desired presidential candidate in 2024. Be mindful, that Michelle Obama is still polling less favorably than a current vice-president, who has national approval ratings that are underwater.

Thirteen percent of those polled claim they’ll stick with the unpopular Harris, a person who didn’t even have the support of her own party in the 2020 primary. Michelle Obama stole 10 percent of the votes, edging out most of those candidates thought to be welcome alternatives to Harris.

What does this really say about the Democrat Party’s next battle for the White House? It says a woeful number within their own party have only lukewarm support for their most appealing candidate. This poll also says that they have little to no faith in the rest of the field.

Therefore, a former first lady, with zilch for political experience, seems like a viable answer to lead the free world. Joe Biden, mostly through his press secretary, Jen Psaki, has given no indication he will not seek a second term. In fact, Psaki says he will.

As he continues to fumble and bumble from one crisis to another, Republicans can only hope he tries. By the time the campaign begins, Biden could have approval numbers plummeting into the single digits. Again, Joe Biden is an abject failure and Americans know it.

Things are so bad for Joe Biden and the Democrat Party; they’re looking to the wife of a former president to save them. This continued avalanche of failures cannot be lost on President Trump. He has continually hinted at a potential run for the White House in 2024.

As we watch Joe Biden destroy the nation, Americans can only hope. Looking at the state of affairs in the Democrat Party, no matter who they nominate, it may be like shooting fish out of a barrel for the former president.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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