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Chris Cuomo is no longer “flexing his journalistic biceps” on CNN. He got canned. If you listen to Cuomo’s take on the story, he got railroaded. Self-entitled blowhards rarely think they’ve done anything wrong. They’re above reproach.

His bosses at fake news CNN didn’t agree. CNN’s first excuse for firing the arrogant anchor was a violation of the rules of journalistic integrity. Seems Chris helped his creepy governor brother Andrew attempts to escape prosecution for being a sexual harasser.

In the end, former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is just that, the former governor. He ran out the back door of the governor’s mansion just in time to avoid potential sexual harassment charges. The elder Cuomo’s political exodus was conveniently timed.

So too, it appears, were some phone calls and messages his baby brother shared during Andrew’s efforts to dodge the long arm of the law. When Chris Cuomo was first suspended, and soon after fired, it appears neither succeeded. Both Cuomo brothers are unemployed.

Now, what’s funny is that Andrew’s quick exit from the governorship seems to have a lot in common with his brother’s hasty removal from the CNN news desk. As part of what is now a bombshell revelation about another former CNN employee, Chris got the ax.

He was supposedly let go a few days after it was revealed he used unethical methods to help his big bro. As the Jeff Zucker, now the former President of CNN, story evolved, it seemed too convenient that Cuomo would be let go so abruptly. He was worth too much money on air.

One red flag is another CNN pervert who got caught. Jeffrey Toobin got busted in a rather compromising moment while pleasuring himself on a Zoom call. Initially, there wasn’t a connection between Toobin and Cuomo. Toobin was just a “whoops moment”.

Cuomo was officially, or so they said, canned for violation of ethics. Toobin was suspended for his truly grotesque display, but is back on the air. Now, Zucker got knocked off the highest perch at the “King of Fake News”, again, for a sexually related incident.

It seems Zucker was puckering up with a fellow employee from the plummeting news network. Some speculate Cuomo’s situation is somehow entangled with Zucker’s. It is still hard to imagine how a low-level anchor gets back on air in eight months after basically exposing himself.

Then, the company cans their president because of a consensual relationship that apparently everyone in the industry knew about. But that brings us back to Cuomo. How did CNN’s prize body buff not get more of a chance to voice his side of the “brotherly love” story?

CNN fired Cuomo so fast after suspending him that it made some news pundits’ heads spin. Some insisted that something was wrong. Well, it appears, there was more to the story; morning glory. It appears the Cuomo boys are more similar than just being biological brothers.

In a recently released allegation, it seems that while Cuomo was under suspension, a “Jane Doe” came forward with accusations that the younger Cuomo sexually assaulted her. While assisting his governor brother in fending off accusers, it appears Chris had skeletons of his own.

The timing of his firing oddly coincides with these new revelations. In the report, the accuser says Cuomo lured her into his office for lunch. The noble Chris was going to help guide her career by giving her advice on how to obtain full-time employment at CNN.

Apparently, that’s not all Chris Cuomo wanted to advise her on. The woman said that there was no food, and apparently Cuomo never intended to have lunch. She insisted he made his intentions blatantly obvious. Cuomo wanted to have sex with her.

When she continued to refuse, he basically attacked her. Friends of the accuser have collaborated on her story. This woman found a suspicious irony between her situation and those of the women involved with the elder Cuomo.

No one should be surprised by these allegations. Chris Cuomo is an arrogant pig, just like his older brother. However, what’s strange is the timing of the allegations in relation to Chris Cuomo’s ultimate firing. Is it just ironic, or rather convenient?

Too bad, both Cuomo’s probably won’t face criminal charges. Maybe they could share one “enormous Q-Tip” and a prison cell. But at least now we know why big brother went to little brother for advice. Birds of a feather do flock together.


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