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As the war wages on in Ukraine, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has been doing what he can

Ukrainian President Zelenskyy has taken some measures to help aid in protecting Ukraine.

Some people say differently and declare that what Zelenskyy did is not an act of democracy and is bad for the nation.

Ukraine’s RNBO suspends activities of pro-Russian political parties for the time of the war, Zelenskyy informs:

  • Opposition Platform-For Life
  • Shariy’s Party
  • Nashi
  • Opposition Bloc
  • Socialist Party
  • Left Opposition
  • Union of Left Forces
  • Derzhava & others

Russians With Attitude tweeted,

You are of course free to believe that banning all political parties that don’t completely submit to the Zelensky line & imprisoning random bloggers for criticizing the government is awesome – but then stop spamming me with your bulls**t “they invaded a sovereign democracy” line

I’m not quite sure what to make of this right now because after all, they are a nation currently at war.

So in one sense, I think it is reasonable to enact such measures so that the focus can be put on the battle against Vladimir Putin.

Here’s another thing, Abraham Lincoln did something during war times. As one source puts it,

No President, either before or after, has shown so callous a disregard for civil liberties as Abraham Lincoln. He suspended the writ of habeas corpus and ordered the arbitrary arrest of more than 15,000 Northern civilians, often with little or no cause. In ordering the arrest of Congressman Clement Vallandigham, an antiwar Democrat, Lincoln perpetrated one of the most infamous acts of political repression in American history. Lincoln himself admitted that he would “follow forms of law as far as convenient.”

I’m not trying to defend Zelenskyy in his actions, I just want to say that who knows exactly what’s going on internally with Ukraine. Maybe it is justifiable to take such measures right now. I’m sure that he’s not worried about politics at the moment so it’s not just that he doesn’t want to lose an election or something. I think the idea is protecting his country and preserving his life at the moment.


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