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During his coddled campaign to steal a second term from President Donald Trump, Joe Biden proclaimed himself the great unifier. He was lying. One year after cheating his way into the White House, Joe Biden has done nothing but divide the nation.

His radical policies are splitting the country apart. Not only is America splintered along party lines, but his tyrannical mandates and poor policy decisions have divided the nation between Draconian compliance and common-sense freedoms.

Even his own party, including their liberal parrots in the mainstream media, is starting to turn on “old Scranton Joe”. He’s unifying no one and constantly angering everyone. The bulk of the nation deems Biden an abject failure.

Those tricked into voting for him have “buyer’s remorse”. His approval ratings signal abysmal prospects for Democrats heading into the November midterms. The pressure of being president is too much for this aging career politician to handle. This pressure is getting to Joe Biden.

Joe Biden is a grouchy old man. It’s beginning to show every time he’s asked to answer hard questions. Twice in one week, Biden has been caught disrespecting members of the press. As tough questions continue to get hurled his way, he struggles to find answers.

The reason being, there are none. The swirling controversy surrounding Joe Biden’s abrasive attitude is unsettling to his fake image as “easy-going Joe”. He’s losing his composure. During one incident, Biden referred to an entirely appropriate question as “stupid”.

With the world facing a precarious situation in Eastern Europe, Biden was asked why he would wait for Russian President Vladimir Putin “to make the first move.” Joe Biden has continually proven clueless during many question-and-answer engagements.

He reads the notes off the teleprompter. When Joe Biden sways from his carefully orchestrated script, the gaffes explode. This also spills over during what Biden assumes are off-air moments. Biden keeps getting caught on a “hot-mic”. He can’t hide his nervousness.

The results have been embarrassing. Jacqui Heinrich’s question referenced why Biden would sit back and wait for Russia to make a move against Ukraine. With war looming on the horizon, this was a perfectly well-grounded question. Americans want to know the answer.

However, Biden laughed and muttered, “What a stupid question.” Subsequently, White House officials had to clean up Joe Biden’s blunder. It’s not the first time, and it’s evidently far from the last. It appears Joe Biden didn’t learn to keep his insolent comments quiet.

As the press was leaving another brief, yet hectic engagement, FOX News’ Peter Doocy asked a question about the skyrocketing inflation in the U.S. Currently, this is the number one issue on voters’ minds. Biden tried to manipulate the questioning, but Doocy was quick to adapt.

It must not be as important to the Biden administration. White House correspondents were clearing the room after the brief session. It was noisy. Biden was up to his usual strategy to avoid questions. Doocy tried anyway.

His question to Biden was if he thought “inflation would be a political liability in the 2022 midterm elections.” Again, this seems like a germane question, considering the current circumstances in the country. Evidently, Sleepy Joe didn’t think so.

Not aware that the mic was hot; Biden muttered a scathing reply to Doocy. Shaking his head, Biden muttered, “That’s a great asset. More inflation!” Biden mumbled. “What a stupid son-of-a b—h!” The first part of the answer is baffling at best.

No one is sure what clueless Joe was thinking when he made those comments. But the last part was what really shocked everyone. Doocy couldn’t even hear what Biden said. He had to be told later that the so-called president had called him an SOB.

The always calm and reserved Doocy laughed off the caustic insult. He made a “fact-check” joke about the incident. But some saw it as much more than just a “hot-mic insult”. This inability to remain composed is a sign that the pressure of the job is getting to Joe Biden.

Someone must have taken clueless Joe aside. Doocy says that within about an hour of the unscripted verbal assault, Biden called his cellphone. But did Joe Biden apologize? Sean Hannity kept asking Peter Doocy that question during an interview on Hannity’s show.

Doocy explained that Biden said, “It’s nothing personal, pal.” He continued to explain how he felt the call was nice and all. Hannity pressed him on his interpretation of any apology. Doocy never came out and indicated that any formal apology was extended to him.

That’s because there wasn’t one. Doocy continued to discuss the substance of his brief cellphone conversation with Biden. He indicated that there are ongoing world affairs far too serious to divert the public’s attention.

In characteristic fashion, Peter Doocy handled an unprofessional situation with the utmost professional integrity. But the problem isn’t with the FOX News correspondent or whether an apology was offered or not.

This issue is the abrasive mannerisms of Joe Biden. Many insist his age is causing concerns. One telltale sign of serious cognitive challenges in the elderly is an unnatural tendency to become unnecessarily defensive.

It’s the “grouchy old man” syndrome. We don’t think it’s funny. However, it can also reveal a serious problem. Joe Biden is clearly a “grouchy old man”. That’s fine. But to have the responsibility of being the most powerful leader in the free world is not fine.

Joe Biden is a bumbling, fumbling buffoon. His decline is nothing we should make fun of. Nevertheless, it is another alarming piece of evidence that reveals a dangerous situation. America is being led by a man who is cognitively not up to the task, apology or not.

Photo Credit: YouTube/Newsweek


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