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Sometimes, the stories in our world today are simply too crazy to believe. At some point, we seem to have lost our grip on sanity, at least some of us. One report about a passenger encounter on a Delta Air Lines flight espouses the true meaning of wacky.

This story involves what might seem like an attack on the innocent act of breastfeeding. Understandably, sort of, someone might take issue with a woman providing natural nutrition to her child in public. However, common sense would probably take over at some juncture.

“Look the other way, and just deal with it”, might be the overwhelming majority opinion. Nevertheless, that’s where the nurturing similarities between breastfeeding a child and what happened on a Delta flight cease.

A woman flying from Syracuse, New York to Atlanta, Georgia brought her pet on board. Obviously, the cuddly little critter met the criteria as a “support animal”. Despite any sense of loyalty to her pet, the woman should have kept her beloved in its carrier.

Evidently, that’s where the story gets rather bizarre. Not only did the passenger decide to take the cat out of its carrier, she began to breastfeed the feline. Now, this also wasn’t a fury little kitten. It was a hairless cat.

At the risk of sounding insensitive to animal rights or pet-discriminatory, we make no judgment towards this cat’s hair or lack thereof. Nevertheless, the problems started when airline staff asked the woman to respectfully stop breastfeeding a cat on the plane.

Flight attendants became privy to the incident because it didn’t appear the cat was too keen on the prospects of attaching itself peacefully to her owner’s nipple. The cat was apparently screeching for its life. A flight attendant posted a video describing the scene on TikTok.

One flight attendant explained the situation, saying, “Her shirt was up, and she was trying to get the cat to latch, and she wouldn’t put the cat back in the carrier.” We suppose the flight staff could find solace in the fact it was a screaming hairless cat and not an angry Rottweiler.

Delta Air Lines explained the company policy on breastfeeding. Logically, it is allowed. However, the company may have to revisit the lack of detail covering how it deals with service or support animals, which it permits.

In 2018, Delta had to use more restrictive language in its defining of what allows an animal to be permitted on the flight. Seems the varying definitions of what constitute a service or support animal are wide ranging.

Some passengers felt a need to bring snakes, turkeys, and even spiders as their supportive flight guests. However, despite a more descriptive definition of a support animal, there is no provision prohibiting breastfeeding of a pet. Apparently, there needs to be.


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