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A novel coronavirus leaked out of a virology lab in Wuhan, China. Since the first case of COVID-19 was diagnosed, millions across the world have died. It has been the deadliest global health crisis in over 100 years. It has been a tremendously challenging two years.

However, for all the dangers inherent in COVID-19, the craziness it has triggered has been cataclysmic. Government-induced paranoia has triggered a new breed of human. These radicals have been scared so badly, they’ve secretly proclaimed themselves the “COVID police”.

We’ve seen people report other people for not wearing a mask. One COVID-crazed woman attacked an elderly man on an airplane for having his mask off to eat. Other people feel it’s their civic duty to tattletale on anyone suspected of having COVID-19 symptoms.

One woman got blasted on Reddit for supposedly snooping on someone else’s text messages. Apparently, on yet another plane flight, one passenger was peaking over the shoulder of a passenger in front of her. We hear airplanes are the safest place to be.

One passenger was essentially spying on this person’s text messages. We’re not sure why. However, what she read, or at least thought she read, was this other passenger admitting to having contracted COVID-19.

The COVID message snooper posted a quick photo of the message. Reddit exploded. One Reddit user even asked, “Is this even legal?” A screenshot of the message read, “We have COVID… shhhhh. That’s why we’re returning home a day early. On the plane.”

Other Reddit users found the whole thought of reading someone’s text messages, let alone posting a picture of them, was downright creepy. Others were a little more skeptical. One user found the irony in how easy it was for the snoop to get a clear picture.

This person felt the whole message was a setup to get back at the snoopy woman. Of course, there were also a few posts from the COVID crazy clan. One person thought it was abominable that someone would have the audacity to travel knowing they were infected.

Many Redditors leaned towards the idea it was a trap for the nosy lady. Regardless, it exposed the clear and present danger from the “COVID crazies”. Through all the twists and turns of the COVID era, we had to expect some would self-anoint themselves the “COVID police”.


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