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Candidate Joe Biden insisted that federal vaccine mandates were bad policy. He said that he would not enact any federal vaccine requirements if elected president. He lied. Biden’s reversal has triggered a wave of confusion across the U.S. business community.

Corporations and small businesses, many of who felt pressured by the threat from the Biden administration’s tyrannical mandates, began forcing employees to get the COVID vaccine. Workers, who felt it was not in their best health interest to get vaccinated, lost their jobs.

They were fired for non-compliance. Whether it was out of fear of federal reprisals triggered by Biden’s vaccine mandates, or simply poor business policy, business owners are regretting the decision. As a result, many of these businesses are failing.

In an effort to fill positions, now vacant from forcing workers to be vaccinated, corporations are pleading with fired employees to come back. Just like most radical liberal policy decisions, corporate executives and business owners are rethinking their poor choices.

This reversal in policy is very similar to the radical push for defunding our law enforcement. “Defund the Police” was a cute cliché. However, when liberals saw how miserably their idea was failing, they reversed course. Skyrocketing crime forced liberals to change their minds.

Just like the ignorant defund the police idea, forced vaccinations are turning out to be a horrible policy decision. We must remember that these vaccines, while FDA approved for emergency use, are still far from being fully tested for side effects and long-term health consequences.

Not everyone believes a shot will prove critical to saving their life or is necessary to keep them out of the hospital. As emergent waves of COVID infections strike the vaccinated, some are rightfully skeptical about how well the vaccines even work.

Furthermore, no one from the liberal left will talk about the need for research data to uncover the potential efficacy of natural immunity. Millions are still getting infected with COVID, despite getting multiple shots. There is also a growing concern about vaccine side effects.

However, there are still millions of displaced workers without jobs, all because they were reluctant to inject themselves with a hastily approved medicine. Businesses and corporations are now feeling the crunch of a terrible decision.

The blame for these problems falls at the feet of Joe Biden. If it were not for his tyrannical threats against all U.S. companies with over 100 employees, almost all would have left vaccine choice up to the individual. That is the way it should be.

Business owners and corporate executives aligned with the losing team. Joe Biden has botched every aspect of pandemic policy. He’s done nothing right. Biden has threatened Americans with doom-and-gloom projections.

He has used the Occupational Health and Safety Association (OSHA) as a weapon. Now Biden’s pathetic handling of the pandemic is further undercutting any prospects of solid economic recovery. Businesses all across the country are struggling to find workers.

Biden is paying workers more to stay home. Why wouldn’t they? Liberal policies make it more profitable not to work. Can you blame adults for choosing to make more money not working than to show up for their job? COVID scare tactics, and the liberal’s drive towards a socialist welfare state, are to blame.

It’s ridiculous. This problem has bled into essential industries as well. New York alone fired over 32,000 essential healthcare workers because they were unvaccinated. The trucking industry, already battling a huge shortage of drivers, has been hit even harder by the mandate orders.

Mandates and restrictions have triggered an enormous backlog in deliveries, a core reason why there is a shipping crisis in America. Unconstitutional vaccine mandates have caused shortages in law enforcement and critical first-responders as well.

COVID mandates have turned into some kind of cult-like movement. They have driven a wedge between people. Many have followed guidelines, thinking they were based in science. They have not been. The wave of vaccinated people being infected with COVID is proof.

These corporate execs and business owners certainly feared government reprisals. Either that or they worship the COVID compliance-driven, woke culture. They are paying the price for these terrible decisions. COVID leaked from a virology lab in Wuhan, China.

It has produced the worst global health crisis in over a century. As devastating and destructive as the virus has been, terrible bureaucratic policies have destroyed even more. Place Joe Biden’s vaccine mandates at the top of that list.

Photo Credit: Becky McCray


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