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I have come to the conclusion that some people just have entirely way too much time on their hands. When you couple that together with the fact that the folks on the left have nothing better to do with their time than to criticize the entire country over everything that they do this creates a lot of problems.

This is the whole reason that we have the woke culture and Cancel Culture to begin with. These things may have existed in the background to a certain degree but everything that happens in 2020 just made everything so much worse.

One of the things that we now have and I’m sure that you have them too, are new emojis on our phones.

These emojis are absolutely idiotic and only foster the delusion that women can be men and men can be women. If you haven’t seen it already, We now have emojis of pregnant men. For those who don’t understand biology men cannot get pregnant, it’s one of the most basic and essential facts on this planet. But to placate the left apple decided to make these emojis anyway.

Now as controversial as that is and as stupid as that is there are problems with emojis that we’ve already had for some time. NPR actually wrote an article recently about which color emoji you should use because if you’ve ever noticed when you’re sending a thumbs-up or something of that nature you have different skin tones that you can choose from.

If you’re anything like me you probably don’t use a lot of emojis other than maybe the occasional 🙂 but sometimes I do use a thumbs up. I can tell you exactly what color emoji I use. They have different skin tones ranging from what looks to be my skin tone actually all the way to gradually darker and darker and darker to that of what appears to be a black man. There’s also a yellow skin tone similar to the Simpsons which is the original emojis that were created. I use yellow and according to NPR I probably do that because of my white privilege.

The article, headlined “Which skin color emoji should you use? The answer can be more complex than you think,” claimed that white people using the common yellow-handed, thumbs-up emoji can actually suggest ignorance of white privilege. Its authors were Alejandra Marquez Jans, Asma Khalid and Patrick Jarenwattananon.

“I completely hear some people are just exhausted [from] having to do that. Many people of color have to do that every day and are confronted with race every day,” researcher Zara Rahman was quoted. “But for many white people, they’ve been able to ignore it, whether that’s subconsciously or consciously, their whole lives.”

But they’re wrong and I can tell you exactly why I choose that color and it’s not because of white privilege it’s because I don’t give a crap to select any other color. If the default color was brown I would use brown if the default color was blue I would use blue. It’s not that serious and I have better things to think about and waste my time on than considering what color emoji to send.

Twitter users criticized the article for exploring what they said was a ridiculous topic.

Manhattan Institute senior fellow Chris Rufo tweeted, “Incredible that it took *three* NPR employees to write something this stupid.”

Author and professor Dr. Gad Saad wrote, “Thank you for tackling the horrifying racism implicit in emojis.”

Senior judicial fellow Casey Mattox tweeted, “Or, you know, maybe people use the option sitting right in front of them. Right click on a windows laptop. Click ‘emoji.’ Type ‘Thumbs up.’ The option is the yellow thumb. Not a mystery. And this is otherwise, dumb. But others will make that point.”

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