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Let’s have a real talk here…why do people even vote for Democrats anymore?

Honestly, what is their good reason for voting for these incompetent dummies? Is it because they don’t like mean tweets? Because I’ve heard things come out Biden and the other Democrats’ mouths that are FAR worse.

It just has to be pure stupidity that leads one to vote Democrat.

There are times where I like to try and convince myself that maybe I’m just being hard on the left, but then, nope…they show their ugly colors once again.

The thing that really gets me is that this isn’t new. They’ve been doing this sort of crap for decades, but here liberals are falling for it time and time again. Are they really so stupid to realize that they never actually get the carrot that they’re promised that’s dangling from the string?

How many of Joe Biden’s promises has he delivered on that were good for the country? Not a single one if you ask me. I’m willing to admit when someone I disagree with does something that is actually good. I’m not an ignorant jerk or anything. If Joe Biden had something praiseworthy, I wouldn’t be afraid to say that I thought it was a good thing. But from what I’ve seen, there has been nothing good come from the Biden regime nor the Democrat controlled Congress.

In fact, things are getting worse and Democrats are literally doing it on purpose!

Just this week, Democrats filed a bill that would radically increase the amount that oil companies are taxed.

Let me ask you a question: What happens every single time that corporations are taxed more by the government?

The answer is ridiculously simple. They pass it down the line to the consumers. You end up paying more for whatever good or service it is that they sell, in this case, that’s oil and gas.

So, what’s the natural result of this going to be? You and I are going to pay more for gas and oil for heating making our standard of living go down.

Bloomberg reported:

Senators Sheldon Whitehouse and Elizabeth Warren say they’re working on a proposed new tax targeting profits being reaped by oil companies as crude prices spike amid geopolitical tensions.

“Big Oil’s first priority is to maximize profits,” Warren, a Massachusetts Democrat, tweeted on Wednesday. “We can’t let them use Putin’s invasion as an excuse to pad their bottom line with war-fueled profits,” she said, referring to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. “So I’m working with Senate Democrats on a windfall-profits tax.”

Oil companies are enjoying their biggest windfalls in more than a decade as crude prices hit levels not seen in more than 13 years. Even before the invasion of Ukraine, oil had rallied amid a recovery in global demand and tight inventories — sparking a cash bonanza for U.S. producers and fueling dividend increases and further stock buybacks.

And to just think, they just have themselves a raise to do this sort of crap!


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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