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Liberal bureaucrats suffer from an unrealistic sense of self-importance. Despite the notion that a large percentage of them are idiots, they still think they know better than everyone else.

Liberals insist that we should shut up, listen, and then do precisely what they say.

There will be no questions. We know exactly what’s best for you, “so just follow orders and do it.” So, how did that work out when bureaucratic blowhards locked us all down in our houses in a freakishly exaggerated response to a virus?

More than two years after the initial outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, most agree that the information and instructions applied to the virus outbreak did not work. In fact, they made things worse. Lives and businesses were unnecessarily destroyed. It was a total failure.

New York produced one of the worst records for COVID-19 policies in the country. From the governor’s office all the way down to local municipalities, the policies did more harm than good.

But that hasn’t stopped the “world’s largest liberal cesspool” from issuing new guidelines.

Possibly because the Joe Biden administration keeps inching our nation closer to a nuclear conflict with Russia, New York City issued a new “public service announcement.” This one deals with the threat of a nuclear attack on the city.

It seems, while lacking in substance, this PSA does realize one objective. There has to be a reasonable percentage of NYC residents who are now nervous about a potential nuclear bomb attack by Putin.

As the pandemic wanes, that’s right on cue to keep everyone nervous.

But fear not: NYC bureaucrats have produced an informative new PSA to inform every citizen about what they need to do.

Or so that’s what should have happened. The latest NYC PSA provides absolutely no information. But it does accomplish one critical aim.

It tells everyone to essentially, “shut up, stay inside, and don’t come out until the government tells you the coast is clear.” Doesn’t this sound eerily familiar? If you said “yes,” then you’re correct. This nuclear bomb PSA mirrors the NYC policy on how to handle the pandemic.

Everyone needs to shut up, lock themselves in their homes, and don’t even question when they can come out. We’ll tell you when the “coast is clear.”

This latest public service “order,” is just a preparatory ploy to silence people and corral them like cattle.

Do what the experts say and don’t ask questions. This is the way of liberal tyrants. “You need to depend on us because we’re smarter than you are.” Taking a look back at the abysmal results of the so-called “smart pandemic policies” will blast holes in this theory.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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    • It was Major General Sergei Shoigu, Russian Minister of Defense, who is fed up with American-operated HIMARS shooting into cities in the Donbass such as Donetsk and Gorlovka, where civilians have been slaughtered by the Armed Forced Ukraine ever since 2014. That AFU genocide against the Ukrainians living in eastern Ukraine is one of the reasons for Putin’s Special Military Operation (SMO). The RF destroyed the AFU command and control apparatus on day one of the SMO and ever since US and UK aircraft and satellite reconnaissance have been telling the AFU where to shoot. As a result of US and UK targeting of Russian Federation (RF) military and DPR and LPR militias ever since the SMO began, the RF have lost half a dozen generals in this SMO, one of whom, General Vitaly Gerasimov, may be related to Major General Valery Gerasimov. Valery will not forget.
      That is why Shoigu ordered the deployment of the Posidons – nuclear armed autonomous torpedoes that travel at 70 kph at depths over 1,000 meters and can destroy entire coastal cities with no warning at all. In other words, the Russians just told whoever in the West has a functioning brain that they are tiring of the West’s game of using the people of Ukraine as proxies to be killed to the last Ukrainian. The Russians regard the Ukrainians as brothers and that is why they have been moving very slowly in Ukraine. Not sure what else Shoigu has planned for the ground war in Ukraine, but the gloves are coming off. It is entirely possible that the Russian Aerospace Forces (the Russian Air Force) will summarily shoot down all the reconnaissance aircraft that continuously orbit just outside Ukrainian airspace and perhaps destroy some of the weapons shipment points in Poland and Romania and perhaps take out whatever US reconnaissance satellites are positioned over Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia.

  • It reads like the Unqualified Mayor of NYC is trying to deflect NYC’s crime and other problems to a different issue. The bomb dropped on Hiroshima flattened the city and killed 800,000 residents. That nuke is archaic by todays standard. What does one think would happen if Putin nuked NYC? That’s one way to get rid of NYC’s crime problem, and while Putin is at it, he should nuke DC to get rid of the corrupt politicians and the swamp, Putin would be doing America a favor. One with any kind of common sense would have to realize, Putin would only have to knock out two cities, to put America in complete chaos. Putin makes ground zero Wall Street, knocks out the financial district of America, and then makes ground zero DC, knocking out America’s seat of government. If Putin does that, Lying Corrupt Quid Pro KING Joe , Commie Kerry, and Greta won’t have to worry about Climate change or Big Oil.

  • Ever hear of Israel’s “Samson Option”?
    Israel’s nukes are already “in place” in major American and European cities.
    No delivery systems are needed. Israel’s nukes are already pre-positioned utilizing diplomatic pouch exceptions to customs inspections.
    Look for the zionists to nuke Los Angeles, Atlanta, or Chicago if their “needs” aren’t met. New York City is probably “off-limits” as it is the capital of the American component of world zionism’s criminal enterprise.
    European targets will be Paris, Brussels or Rome, Rome being the prime target as their visceral hatred of Roman Catholicism knows no bounds, despite their sabotage of the Roman Catholic Church with their influence at the Vatican II Ecumenical Council.
    The zionist-run blackmail situation that exists among the world’s leaders, movers and shakers needs to be exposed and shut down once and for all.
    One way to defuse and shut down the zionist sexual blackmail operation would be for those politicians, movers and shakers who participated in Epstein’s “fantasy island” to “come clean” and admit their transgressions to their various country’s populations.
    Admit to wrongdoing, promise never to do it again, beg for forgiveness, and name the blackmailers.
    This action would be enough to collapse the whole zionist-run criminal cabal and have the zionist criminals scurrying like rats to Israel.
    One can only hope…

      • Your “trump derangement syndrome” is showing. Pleas get mental health help for your condition.
        Getting out of your mom’s basement and getting into fresh air might help as well.

  • The war will be civil not nuclear! The people are just about at their end of this last Democratic robbery of America! When it starts they will demand every dime back! And if it means taking from those that took it they will! Every dime and then throw the criminals out of the country with nothing! And those that hid it around the world? Well there will be a bounty on those to take that back as well! The hunter bidens will have no place to hide. That goes even more for the pelosi’s

    • Sounds spot-on to me! People on all sides are fed up now and the culpable are in trouble for a change! Payment in full for what they ripped off or misappropriated is only the start of the payback; all of the devastating harm they caused must be reconciled because lives were ruined and destroyed and that is in many instances, murder! I like to refer back to what President Reagan said, “You can run, but you can’t hide.”
      That’s how I see the culpable in all of this mayhem that has transpired for two and half years, and accountability is coming; for this I do pray to the Lord. Amen.

  • Morons, do they really think everyone is as dumb as them? In a nuclear explosion, washing clothes, taking a shower and staying inside will not help anyone. Not to mention, the EMP would wipe out any communications… This is a stupid joke!

    • My thoughts exactly. About the same as when I was in Elementary School during the Cold War and we were supposed to take cover under our desks for both earthquakes and nuclear bombs. I never did understand how that would save us from a bomb, but I could understand how it could keep a light or ceiling from falling on your head during an earthquake though I am one of those who wants to head outdoors immediately when things begin to shake.

    • As a former nuclear worker, washing your clothes and body and staying inside is good advice- for the people 300 to 400 miles away from NYC. NYC will be ground zero, and it will be obliterated. There won’t be any inside to go to.

  • If Russia does launch a nuclear attack against New York, the very best advice to give to the New York citizens is:

    Bend Over and Kiss Your @ss Goodbye!

  • The Dems should have thought of that before they put him up as their candidate!
    Then they paired him with Camelface, and both of them hated each other!
    Now they would love to get rid of Biden, but Camelface would then become pResident.
    If they got rid of Biden and Camelface, then Peelousy would move up to pResident…. they don’t want THAT either!
    Perhaps the Dems could arrange an “accident” that would take them all out at the same time.
    Just ask Hitlery how that should happen!

  • We, the Dems controlling NYC, do not have time for petty little stuff like crime or inflation.
    We are above all that! What is really important is preparing you for nuclear war!
    After the mushroom cloud, get inside and stay inside. Don’t worry!
    We will tell you what to do on wireless networks!
    That may take a few years, because the EMP destroys all electronic devices. Just stay inside and wait.

  • The Dems should have thought of that before they put him up as their candidate!
    Then they paired him with Camelface, and both of them hated each other!
    Now they would love to get rid of Biden, but Camelface would then become pResident.
    If they got rid of Biden and Camelface, then Peelousy would move up to pResident… they don’t want THAT mess either!
    Perhaps the Dems could arrange an “accident” that would take all three of them out at the same time.
    Just ask Hitlery how that should happen!

  • Did you ever consider that there are forces, not Russian or Chinese, that would gleefully detonate a nuclear weapon in the Big Apple.

    Perhaps there is credible intel indicating an attempt to get a nuke in to the US with NYC being either the port of entry or the primary target, or both.

    It’s obvious that it would be utterly impossible to evacuate any of the 5 boroughs, let alone the whole city, in anything near a reasonable time. And the utter panic, chaos and lawlessness that would occur if they were to outright announce a possible NBC/WMD detonation.

    I would worry more about that scenario than I would about Ivan pulling the trigger. Putin says those things just to remind NATO and the US where a direct conflict would end up and thus keep them from pumping actual troops in to the Ukraine.

  • The politicians will be far off in some bunker- safe from the radiation and fallout while people are dying from radiation poisoning. Anyone who thinks this NY video is helpful is a fool.

    Survival will require distance from the implosion of the nuclear device. If you are within 5 miles of the blast, I hope you have repented and made Jesus your Lord and Savior. Chances are good that the heat will likely kill you. If not killed by the heat, the immense change in air pressure will likely kill you.

    To survive a nuclear blast (outside of the death radius) will require fresh water (non-contaminated from fallout) as well as, filtered/ clean air. During a nuclear blast the first 48 hours is the worst. After 48 hours, the fallout is diminished and radiation in the air should drop rapidly. The first two days, especially for those within 13 miles of the blast.

    Whatever you do, DO NOT DEPEND ON OUR GOVERNMENT for survival!! Remember how the LEFT handled COVID!

  • “Your children and grandchildren will someday live under communism.
    You Americans, are so gullible.
    We won’t have to fight you.
    We’ll keep feeding you small doses of socialism, so that you wake up one day and realize that you’ve already had communism.
    Then, you will fall like overripe fruit, right into our hands.” ~~ The late, former Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev to then U. S. Secretary of Agriculture Ezra Taft Benson circa pre 1960s

    For those of you out there who solidly believe what you are seeing today politically was started by Obama and Biden.
    In fact, as far as we know, the Communist infiltrations have been going on within America since the 1930s.
    The saddest part is that in all of this time past, very few paid much attention to the signs and/or warnings back then. Too many other distractions and issues going on, perhaps.
    But, this is exactly how the Communists roll. They create the chaos while convincing those affected by their chaos, that they are the only ones who have the ability to put an end to whatever despair and hardships that they themselves have caused.

    None of this has ever just been about the Democrats and the Republicans.
    Might as well accept the fact that unseen political forces have been tipping the scales in one direction for close to one hundred years now.

  • The only way the democrats can rule is by fear and divisiveness. This sounds like a bit of both.

  • What we need is someone to be a leader. It seems that we have lost our way in the past two years. Someone needs to wake up before it is too late for the USA

  • Actually, this is correct. If there is advance warning of a nuclear strike, this is what you should do. If there has been a nuclear incident somewhere, and there is radioactive fallout in the air, then if you have been exposed to it, you should indeed wash it off.

    Common sense, really.

    What we should be pushing for is a massive, serious, national civil defense program, which would include new building regulations to provide adequate shelter for people. And local, state, and national government should be stockpiling basic supplies, so that survivors of a nuclear war don’t starve.

    Patriots need to organize themselves locally into community defense teams — something like the people at the USCPT (USCPT dot org) are doing. And of course individuals need to prepare their families for the possibility of a serious breakdown of the social/economic/political order.

    And excellent set of books for this is the Civil Defense Manual, which you can see at CivilDefenseManual dot com.

  • In the case of a direct nuclear strike on nyc, there won’t be anything left to hide in, not to mention the fact that all the inhabitants will be reduced to little bitty radioactive particles blowing around the atmosphere. Somebody left a HUGE bag of idiots open, and they’re all liberal democrats.

  • The three- step system developed during the Cold War was far more logical:1) Place your left hand on your left knee. 2) Place your right hand on your right knee. 3)Bend sharply forward at the waist and kiss your @$$ goodbye.

  • the worlld has sat back and watch the destruction of ukraine and done nothing,,,,,,, and if it happens to another country,,,what then ..and another,,,,?? and then,,,,,what happens if you are next, did this happen in ww2 did they sit back and watch millions being murdered ,,,,and do nothing,,,,,,only when they are threatened did they jump up ,,,,,well…..people,,,,,its happening again,
    so when and at what stage do you say enough,
    and the migrants are coming,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,when is enough enough

  • Any Kind of WMD gos off in America will be set off by the NWO our own government.They will blame Russia or China to start a war.It is the same Nazis from WW2 .The never went away,just came here to start their horse shet NWO all over again.This is what happens when you let a cancer get out of control.



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