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You may have witnessed Joe Biden’s senior moment last week when he gaffed while attempting to read from the teleprompter during a speech.

Instead of following the instructions, Biden unintentionally read them aloud. It said, “Repeat the line,” which instructed Biden to recite what he had just read. He usually behaves in this manner, and it has happened before.

This only serves to highlight how careless he is while delivering these lectures. He merely says the words that he sees, not even really understanding what is being said.

As was to be predicted, the internet exploded on Biden because it was the ideal time to do so. But the response that came from the White House was the part that was truly astounding.

One of his staffers in charge of communications, White House Assistant Press Secretary Emilie Simons, jumped onto Twitter to tell everybody that what we actually heard was not what he really said. Instead of saying “Repeat the line.” she alleges that Biden actually said, “Let me repeat that line.”

I’ll be generous and even say that maybe that’s what the transcript bread and maybe that’s what he was supposed to say, but that’s not what he said. It’s as clear as day that he said “repeat the line”.

Of course, Simons was ridiculed over her tweet. Many people responded back to her even sharing another video from that very same speech in which he said something about “terminating the presidency” instead of “terminating the pregnancy”.

But I’m sure we’re just hearing things here as well. I’m sure that it’s really just as clear as day that he said to terminate the pregnancy and we all just had a very bad hearing.

This is why his handlers try not to let him speak more than he needs to.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • How absolutely disgusting to have the President of the United States of America go on and on non stop about Abortion even when out of the Country- Not even getting into the welfare trash we support in both houses! Their not private citizens on a blog their paid by the American taxpayer on our dime!! Contrary to what his 1\2 witted press gals claim WE THE PEOPLE ARE HIS BOSS – YES WE DO HAVE THE RIGHT TO KNOW- WE DIRECT HIS & THEIR PATHS!

  • How disgusting that his wife left him run when she had to know what kind of shape his brain was in. the Dems wanted him because they knew they could control him and he was capable of making the decisions that he would need to make. In other words Biden is giving Obama a third term. new law anyone running for President has to go through a cognitive test before they can even run.

    • The truth is SHE wanted to be First Lady so badly that she encouraged him, or didn’t discourage him from running! Of course she knew he had dementia and it would be a terrible embarrasment to our country!! She must regret not stopping him from running!

      • She doesn’t regret a thing. She has everything that she wanted. If she had to sacrifice her husband to get it, then so be it. Remember people, these are monsters, thirsty for power, on a grand scale!

  • A prime example of manipulation and puppetry. What a loser and very low IQ handlers, The whole joke of a so called Administration is beyond comprehension and they continue to show their stupidity to the whole world.! That also shows just how stupid are the people who voted for those idiots.!

  • This President has done everything in his power to sabotage our country. His cognitive issues will get us into another war and bankrupt America. His power’s should be restricted to ordering the Blue Point special off the local nursing home menu. I can’t think of worse representative of our country, he is a true disgrace. Everyday, I ask my wife what has this moron screwed up today?



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