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Joe Biden’s White House staff has worn bare the soles of their shoes, walking back the list of dunderheaded things he’s said. They’ve even walked back the statement that “no one’s walking back any of Biden’s statements.”

During the 20 plus months of Biden’s first term, it’s been like “the weekly walk back.” Does anyone seriously want to know why this has happened more times to a U.S. President than we can remember? Does Biden truly not know what he’s supposed to say?

Or is his obvious state of cognitive decline making him unable to follow the script? We’ve all seen the multiple instances when Joe Biden reads the instructions off his teleprompter. If that’s not bad enough, he keeps making proclamations that his staff do not agree are U.S. policy.

Many of these are extremely dangerous to U.S. national security. Biden keeps insisting that any Chinese aggression towards Taiwan will trigger U.S. armed forces into action. That is not the stated U.S. policy. While we will provide military assistance, nowhere are troops mentioned.

If Joe Biden is trying to pick a fight with the second-most powerful military in the world, he’s doing a nice job. During the early stages of Vladimir Putin’s attack on Ukraine, Biden made the same types of idle threats. Has he really lost it, or does he want to get the U.S. into a war?

Some experts believe the latter. But Biden’s most recent public proclamation has the liberal left in full meltdown mode. On Sunday evening, Biden sat down for his first interview with the press in over 200 days. Anyone can see why after watching him fumble for answers.

He never seems to be able to escape these one-on-one encounters without making multiple stupid statements. The White House staff must be poised with pen and paper, ready to make a list of corrections. It happens every single time. It’s both sad and frightening.

During his CBS 60 Minutes interview with Scott Pelley, Biden was asked about where America is in its battle against the COVID-19 pandemic. The next words out of Biden’s mouth sent shockwaves through his liberal cronies.

Joe Biden, apparently now assuming the role of “Mr. Science himself,” the soon-to-be-departing Anthony Fauci, said pointblank, “The pandemic is over.” Anyone watching the interview had to sit with their mouths agape, staring at the TV. Many were shocked. The left went nuts.

With people still being forced to get vaccinated, young children being smothered with unnecessary masks, flight restrictions on all unvaccinated Americans, and more, no one could have sensed that Biden would utter those words. The liberal backlash was instantaneous.

Just a few weeks prior, Biden proclaimed that the “COVID emergency” was his excuse to wipe away trillions of student loan debt. On Sunday night, liberals immediately lost their collective minds. Even the left’s trusted liberal rags tore into Biden for declaring the “pandemic is over.”

Right on cue, the White House staff had to feverishly start to “walk back” another sleepy Joe blunder. White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre blamed it on all the “shiny cars” at the Detroit Car Show, where Biden held part of the interview. Maybe that wasn’t the best location.

Of all the presidents in U.S. history, Biden has made more gaffs and spit out more ignorant statements than any other. But he’s not yet halfway through his term. God help us all. When is Joe Biden finally going to say something that puts all Americans at risk?

In respect to any potential Chinese/Taiwan conflict, he may well already have. Biden’s statement about the pandemic being over might have been forgivable if the wording was ambiguous. However, there was no room for misinterpretation.

Once again, Joe Biden opened his mouth and triggered the White House staff to go into “clean up on aisle 3” mode. If this didn’t happen so frequently, it might be understandable as an accident. But for Joe Biden, it’s just another “weekly walk back.”


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • Well, of course they’d want to walk that one back–after all, they have used CoVid as their excuse for EVERY SINGLE ILLEGAL POWER GRAB they have committed.

    I said at the time when the conniving Demmunists started giving themselves all sorts of unconstitutional “emergency powers” due to the Plandemic that they would NEVER give them up when the “emergency” was over, and their actions have proven me correct in that. They will keep the pandemic going forever if they can, to justify continuing to wield these illegitimate and anti-American “emergency” powers! And if they can no longer use CoVid as the excuse, they will keep all the SAME illegal powers in the name of the “climate change emergency,” which they are busy ginning up as I write this!

  • I find it amusing that whatever gaffs idiot Biden blurts out, he has need for the equally idiotic press secretary Jean-Pierre to bail him out. That’s like the blind leading the blind.

    • And BRAIN DEAD and BLIND EYE ! IF U ask me they are Both POLLOCKS ????? ! Joe Xbiden is a Fly on DONKEY QUAT ! HE’S always been a Pile of donkey Dudu if U ask me.

  • Biden’s as no brain cells working the right way they should me, the Democrats knew this when they put him up for President, everyone knows the saying (nothing more than a useful fool) knowing he will never be put on trial, as he’s got the best defence, chrinnally insane, his lawyers will use, when he stated about his age, mentioning a fly, but again a fly as more brain cells working than he as!

  • The argument can certainly be made that Biden gets his marching orders from the MIC: untold billions in unrepayable aid (read high-dollar weapons systems) to Ukraine and others straight out of the taxpayers’ pocket which expand the national debt and add to inflation…but no money for rotting infrastructure, rising crime, porous borders or our own homeless- including veterans.

  • Sure they want to walk it back they use it for every illegal thing they are doing even used it to place fake president in our WH and also the midterms are coming.

    • And that’s being Rigged right before Ur eyes. Dope will be Ur next pretending president for next 4 more Years. Without fail. And came ladies will be right there beside Him. The PARASITES of this FAKE Administration will make sure of It.

  • White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre is an insult to the American people and to the world at large. Never has there been a White House spokesperson so ignorant, unprepared, or generally unintelligent. This is not about her skin color; this is about her ability to do a difficult and complex job, and she is just not capable.

  • I am amazed how she can prostitute herself to protect this idiot! Just how does she look at herself in the mirror knowing what a liar she has become!



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