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The flood of illegal migrants towards the U.S. southern border over the last nine months is the worst in decades. This wave of human invaders started the instant Joe Biden took out his black magic marker and erased the successful border policies of former President Donald Trump.

He didn’t do it using good judgment. Biden reversed border policies out of spite and by design. Now he’s taking the insanity to another level. U.S. Border Patrol Agents are already overwhelmed with the millions of illegal crossings that were triggered in January.

There are not enough dedicated, hardworking agents to control the chaos. Beyond the Biden administration’s inept policies, it is the single biggest reason for the crisis at the border. There are simply not enough human bodies to control the wave of humanity flooding towards our border.

It doesn’t take a doctorate degree in mathematics to calculate why these factors are fueling a humanitarian and national security crisis. There are not enough agents to staff overwhelmed detention facilities and guard the border.

With their focus required elsewhere, agents are handcuffed. They cannot police open areas where drug smugglers and coyotes are flooding into America illegally. So what is Joe Biden’s next plan to deal with the border crisis?

He’s threatened to reduce the number of Border Patrol Agents even more. Biden’s border blunder started the minute he revoked Trump-era border measures that were working. His blundering administration has made the border crisis worse at every turn.

Biden has chastised patriotic Border Patrol Agents for acts they didn’t even commit. Joe Biden is the epitome of a horrible leader. How long do you think employees would dedicate their best effort on the job when they had a boss who criticized and belittled them?

Probably not long. Now, in line with his Draconian push to federally mandate COVID vaccinations, Biden is preparing to make a horrible situation even worse. Our southern border is being invaded. We don’t have sufficient manpower to battle the invasion as it is.

Now the Commander-In-Chief is threatening to terminate essential men and women who guard our border, for not kowtowing to his authoritarian vaccine mandates. Biden is going to thrust his dictatorial sword into the heart of as many Americans as possible.

Thousands of honest Americans are going to lose their jobs before his senseless abuse of power is ruled unconstitutional by the courts. Who will be held accountable when these overreaching orders from a tyrant are ruled a violation of American freedoms?

How many lives will be disrupted by a border crisis that will only be amplified by the loss of thousands of unvaccinated agents? According to the report, we have until November to fight this particular vaccine mandate.

Hopefully, each and every court that is presented with hearing this cause will rightfully assert Biden has far overstepped his authority as President of the United States. In the meantime, the agents entrusted with guarding our U.S. border must continue their thankless jobs. We can only hope that Biden’s attempt to whip U.S. Border Patrol Agents in line with a vaccine mandate will die a quiet death.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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