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Beginning in early 2020, a deadly virus began spreading like wildfire across the world. The COVID-19 pandemic has since killed millions. Over 800,000 Americans alone have perished because of this.

The death and the heartache have been overwhelming. However, government and medical bureaucratic policies have been just as devastating. Many power-hungry government officials used fear mongering to seize control over the public.

The consequences of these terrible policies are growing increasingly more obvious. Each new fact is more astonishing. The COVID deaths have been tragic, but the hardship and devastation from failed policies have been equally catastrophic.

Customarily left-leaning news agencies are beginning to appreciate how they have failed the public they supposedly report to. Many in the media blindly supported and reported everything government bureaucrats told them to. They were wrong.

One of Denmark’s leading newspapers has issued an official apology for “being wrong”. Ekstra Bladet published an article entitled “Vi fejlede” in Danish. The article title translates to “We Failed”. Ekstra Bladet is one of Denmark’s oldest tabloid newspapers.

Founded in 1904, the newspaper is published by JP/Politikens Hus, based in Copenhagen. While it was an artfully penned apology, some view the article as an “attempt-too-late” at reconciliation. Experts have been questioning things mentioned in this article for over a year.

Some in the media doubt the sincerity of the story. Neil Oliver, a Scottish television host, put it succinctly. “I suspect that what’s happening is that it’s simply that newspaper, that organization, has realized that the jig is up. You know they’ve been caught out,” Oliver said.

Oliver and other more conservative media voices are using these same feelings as media types begin to say they’re sorry. These toe-the-line government sounding boards have done more damage than good.

Now that the “jig is up” and they’ve been exposed, they’re trying to cover their butts. It’s as disgusting as the original push to help fuel unnecessary fear across the world. Mainstream media outlets in the United Kingdom and the United States have been some of the worst.

The liberal mainstream U.S. media have bemoaned anyone who questions tyrannical government policies. For instance, people who questioned the natural origin theory of COVID-19 were cast as crazed conspiracy theorists.

Now, these people are hailed as having been correct all along. The problem is; it’s now all but too late to hold China accountable. These same media crackpots encourage people to stay locked inside their homes. No socializing, no family gatherings, just remain locked in your home.

Most will remember the disgraceful charade by CNN’s Chris Cuomo. He made a spectacle out of supposedly “climbing from his quarantine basement”. It was a fabricated hoax. However, the resulting message compelled millions to follow these unnecessary and destructive policies.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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