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Hunter Biden is a bad person. Some will blame his criminal behavior on drug issues, but that’s a lame excuse. He is a crook, a manipulator, and an outright bad person. Hunter Biden is a perfect fit for the Biden crime family.

He’s able to use his addiction to narcotics as a scapegoat for crooked business ventures. Nonetheless, he’s not the ringleader. He’s peddled the “big guy’s” name for profit. The “big guy” is Hunter’s accomplice. He’s also his father, Joe Biden.

The corrupt connections between the two are innumerable. But to hear “Papa Joe” tell it, he knew nothing about his son’s corrupt businesses. He’s lying. Joe Biden is the ringleader of the Biden crime family.

He’s like a mafia boss. Former Biden business partner Tony Bobulinski framed Joe Biden as “the chairman” of Hunter’s business scams. Other whistleblowers have come forward to testify that Joe Biden was not only “aware” of the crooked deals, he was “involved” in them.

As more evidence is revealed, Hunter Biden’s laptop is going to produce the biggest presidential scandal in U.S. history. This is going to make Watergate look like a “stolen cookie caper.” A watchdog group that has been following the release of evidence dropped a shocking bombshell.

Marco Polo is a nonprofit formed by a onetime aide to President Trump. The group has enlisted a team of cyber detectives to thoroughly investigate what’s on the notorious “laptop from hell.” What Marco Polo has discovered should provide a clear path for prosecutors.

The report has also been sent to Congress. Expect it to be readily available for Republicans when they take control of Capitol Hill. The authors of the document say they have uncovered 459 violations of state and federal laws.

The 600-page report doesn’t limit the violations to Hunter Biden alone. The evidence leads right back to the White House. Joe Biden is not only an accomplice; he’s been an active participant in all the shady business ventures of his crack-head son.

In fact, as an elected official of the United States government, Joe Biden’s punishment should be multiple times harsher than whatever his son receives. Joe Biden should be charged with treason. These new revelations come almost to the day when the laptop story broke.

However, the mainstream media and big tech worked feverishly to bury the story. They succeeded. Nearly 10 percent of Americans said they would have changed their vote in the 2020 presidential election if they’d known about this then.

But the landscape is different in 2022. As America approaches yet another election, there aren’t the same roadblocks in the way of the American people knowing the truth. Social media has acknowledged that they were misguided in censoring the story. Nice try, fellows.

Americans should say, “So sorry, but too late.” The crooks in big tech are equally culpable. But will anyone be held accountable? Marco Polo organizer Garrett Ziegler is insisting on it. Ziegler says Republicans no longer have an excuse for not doing anything but a thorough investigation.

He told the Daily Wire, “The focus of the report is on crimes. I had a compulsion to log every crime, even the state-level statutes. The mission is simple: Hold Republicans’ feet to the fire. We don’t want to hear that Republicans need another year to do an investigation.”

Ziegler says the investigative legwork has been done. It’s now up to the Republican Party to see to it that justice is served. If anyone else had been caught doing the types of criminal things Hunter Biden has been caught red-handed doing, they’d be in prison.

That’s where this creep needs to go, prison. But the trail can’t stop with a Hunter Biden conviction. Hunter Biden is just a drug and prostitute junkie. He’s a puppet for something bigger. This trail of corruption leads back to the “big guy.”

Joe Biden knows about every one of these crooked deals. He’s, in fact, behind them. The rest of the Biden family is nothing but a bunch of  stooges for the ringleader. Joe Biden needs to be the first president fully removed from office by impeachment. Then he needs to go to prison.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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    • The Biden-Harriss Regime will be remembered as the Most Corrupt and Incompetent Administration in US History.

  • i absolutely agree with this- Biden family is and has been grifters all their lives. they have made millions and millions of $ stealing from the United States of America. time for this to stop! i don’t want to see all this undeniable BS dragged out for the next 5-10 years! do it now and get America back on track!!

  • Democrats will start a civil war then wonder why they are hanging from the freeway overpass! Wondering how this could happen to them! All the criminal will be screaming WHAT ABOUT THE LAW?? The laws they ignored for decades! By then nobody will be there to help them!

  • The GOP has a history is doing nothing and really don’t think anything will change. So far can only find about 5 republicans with any backbone and that just isn’t near enough.

  • Need to leave Trump alone he should have remained our President if Biden had gotten what he deserved for his fraudulent voting tactics! Biden needs to be in prison along with more of his group! Biden is a WORTHLESS piece of “_ _ _ _”!!!

  • You can bet nothing will happen, the Communist Democrats will put good Republicans in prison, just like all the years past, the Democrats always get to walk away from any crime they commit.
    Steve Bannon went to prison, the Communist FBI went after Mike Mandel, Rudy Giuliani and many others who were associated with President Trump, The Mara Lago Raid, and the January 6th fake Bullshit committee it’s all because the Communist Democrats have a two tiered Justice System set in their favor and the weak yellow streak Republicans have never aggressively went after the Communist Democrats like they do to the Republicans. So you can bet the Republicans will let America down again wait and see.
    One things for sure America needs to remove the Communist Democrats from office this November and get rid of the Evil being done by the Communist Democrats and vote in Republican
    so it’s Damn if you Do and Damn if you don’t.

  • If all this is true, and has been known and repeated by many, and I don’t doubt one word of it, WHY IN THE HELL doesn’t somebody in authority do something about it instead of simply talking about it and then ignoring it. That is what is wrong with our “whiny, pansy” country today. Everybody knows what is wrong and how to correct it, but nobody in authority will do anything about it. When the top is crooked, they tell all the “pansys” to sit on their hands. That’s what “pansys” do!

    • Joe Biden found early on that if he could gain political power, he could become very wealthy. He did, writing books, making speeches and currying favors among others with political power. He even stole another Man’s wife for himself. He curried favor among the heads of businesses in Delaware. He has used the Federal Government as his personal piggy bank for years. He an Dr. Jill even cheated on their Federal Income taxes just prior to his so- called election to the presidency. They set up a Sub-Chapter S corporation to avoid paying social security and medicare taxes as they should have as self employed. He was no longer in the V.P. office. They lost to IRS and were required to pay $ 500,000.00. Have they? no one knows?? He has also hired 2 Federal employees at a total cost of $265,000,.00 plus benefits, to taxpayers to stymy any and all information on Hunter.The Bideb Clan of Grifters TRAITORS to the USA.

  • When he dust settles by December 1st, if the Republicans take over the House and Senate I suspect Joe Biden will be in very deep trouble.

  • Assemble into a package , and distribute to 535 House Representatives and Senators,m as soon as GOP takes majority. Be ready to strike, For God and Country.
    Elect Donald J Trump as Speaker of the House, then follow with double impeachment.

  • It is a sad for America having this man as a leader and being in office for 30 years or more and never being checked for his illegal dealings. He is the center core of this criminal acts and yet he still is in office. We need to step up the changing of our political policy’s. When a person can operate under the wire for this many years and not be held accountable for what he has done. It seems their are several in office that are no better than Biden and all of them need to be taken down. Our Nation can not survive with criminal activity and corruption that is and has been going on with our politicians. We need change and it is time for them all to hit bottom and be taken down .

  • Pedo Joe has had a For Sale sign hanging around his neck since the first day he entered politics. I would say 459 violation are just the tip of the iceberg of his crimes alone.

  • DemoRats, Leftists/Liberals are the scum of the earth. They are Satanic to their core.
    They prove as much every day: always lying, deceiving, stealing, murdering……… and then blaming Trump & Conservatives for everything that is wrong with the world.
    The whole lot of DemoRats/RINO’s/ Leftists should be swiftly executed.
    We’re all sick of those people and their TDS supporters

  • WHEN good people stand by and do nothing evil will prevail. WE THE PEOPLE have stood by and watched America crumble and did nothing. People said if they had known this they would have voted differently ?? Really you were not happy with the economy and the low prices and being able to afford a living, pay your bills and provide for your kids ? You needed a scandal to help you vote differently are you serious ? People always think it is greener on the other side of the fence,of course I believe these are the ones who have done nothing but take and take or looking for a free ride. Those who have done something already know it is a bill of goods being sold,like snake oil is going to cure the problem. Give America what she deserves and set us free from the pain of promises never kept and start at the top and dont take years to do what needs to be done do it NOW !!

  • These do not include the hundreds of Suspicious Activity Reports (SAR) issued by the treasury and hidden by the Biden administration from the congress.

  • No one crime family in America, followed by:
    Clinton Crime Family
    Pelosi Crime Family
    Obama Crime Family
    and many others

  • None of the following Democrats have been indicted or convicted of Any Crimes but maybe they should be investigated……Ya Think?

    The Clinton’s Family
    The Obama Family
    The Biden Family
    The Pelosi Family
    The Kerry Family
    The Newsom Family

    Just to name a few.

  • That’s my problem with the people that do this investigating but stop short of seeing to it that the court get the stuff.

  • I would love to se all the political crooks in prison too but as far as Biden goes, they will claim dementia started decades ago and he didn’t realize what he was doing. Just wait.
    But that’s a real sorry excuse when you view those older videos. He most certainly did know what he was doing and his doctors for the last 20 years should be able to confirm it with actual health records. Everyone 60 + theses days is evaluated for memory loss. Biden had better to weasel out of it.

  • Question???did the taxpayers pay for the fence around this moron’s Delaware property and if so, WHY, is it the responsibility of the taxpayers to upgrade personal property for this idiot OR any politician??? Just wondering if what I had read at one time is true or did Biden actually pay for the fencing himself.

    • That is the way the Biden Clan of Grifters operates. At his home in Wilmington, a former Dupont Mansion Joe had purchased when he was a Senator. He allowed the Secret Service to build a small House on the property for them to stay in with all conveniences. I believe the Federal Government paid for the construction. Joe then charged the Federal Government rent for many,many years.

  • Adults are aware of their criminality and want something done about all of the Demonrat criminals along with the RINOs.

  • So why is biden his administration congress not in jail our Federal Marshals have the power and the right to arrest everyone of these criminals

  • The American people deserve the truth. The corrupt politicians must be revealed, and their crimes exposed. Accountability is mandatory.

  • If that is the case nothing will happen while this administration is in office. They prefer a lawless nation and the law is just a nuisance to them.

  • There is NO QUESTION that the entire Biden Crime Family is involved in these criminal activities! The only question is, do the Republicans have the balls to take action, when they win the majorities in the House and Senate, or will they, as usual “turn the other cheek” and ask “please, do it again”?

  • This report needs no further comment. It is spot on, and the whole Biden family needs to be accountable for their crimes. When the Republicans gain control of Congress, these charges will finally be put on the table and the Biden’s will have to defend themselves.



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