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The internet is a funny place. It’s like an endless hall of mirrors, where anything can happen and people will post it online for everyone else to see – with no shame or regret in sight! These days we’ve seen some really strange videos on TikTok that are so bad they have me wondering if someone was trying their best at being maliciously stupid.

I don’t know how the internet became a place for people to be so cruel and neglectful of others, but it’s really disappointing. I remember when YouTube first came out with their silly little videos that were cute and funny – those were innocent days. Nowadays, you can find anything from Dumb Ways to Die challenges where people put themselves into dangerous situations just because they’re bored…to real hate speech and violence being uploaded without anyone taking any measure whatsoever to do anything about it.

One TikTok star who was recently charged with manslaughter for killing her friend is back in society and seems to be just as bad as she was. I imagine this is going to happen again.

According to Heavy,

The defendant stated they had been passing the gun around for hours and had been playing around with it. The defendant said (they weren’t) paying attention hard enough and (they) might have been too drunk. The defendant said the complainant came up to (them) and was joking around telling the defendant, ‘Ooooh shoot me,’ as they were laughing the defendant said ‘Oh, OK’ and said it went off, saying (they were) in shock saying it was supposed to be empty. The defendant said (they) did not load it and does not know how it went off. The defendant told (their) friend to call 911 as (they) moved the gun away from the complainant. The defendant said the 911 operator told (them) to place the gun back in the case. The defendant believes everyone in the house had touched or held the gun.

The defendant stated the gun was mainly in (their) front pocket where (they were) keeping it. The defendant stated (they) pulled the trigger and stated it was (their) fault. Affiant asked defendant why (they) had the gun with (them). The defendant stated they were watching ‘Gotham’ and said (they were) drunk, laughing, messing around, saying, (they are) a cosplayer, stating they like characters and stuff and told (their) friends (they) had a gun like Penguin does. The defendant stated the gun had never been fired before.

Before I go any further, let me just point out how confusing this crap above is. I’m sitting here reading through it wondering what the heck is going on, then it hit me, they’re accommodating the gender pronoun crap. So in order for the above to make sense, they = she and them = her.

Not only does biology no longer matter when it comes to gender dysphoria, but neither does proper English grammar.

The recent video that she put out consists of her dressed up and sang a song about killing someone and tasting their blood all while standing in front of a blood-splattered backdrop.

Here are the lyrics from the little TikTok video that she did:

Cause my insides are red
And yours are too
And the red on my face
Is matching you
And goodness you’re bleeding
What a wonderful feeling
You’re down and you’re pleading
My head is just reeling
The Red means I love you
Tasting your blood means I love you


@brokentorso #duet with @yandere.freak okay… #cosplayer #theythem #yanderefreak ♬ The Red Means I Love You on Spotify – Madds Buckley


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