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The rhetoric is flying, and one Texas politician is putting a CNN anchor in their place as the media tries to make the situation about them.

The mainstream media spent the entire week demonizing Republicans and gun owners.

Joy Reid, an unstable MSNBC anchor, for example, began making all kinds of assertions.

“You can’t even hunt with an AR-15 because you’d have nothing to bring home and hang on your wall and yet it is easier to buy one than it is to rent a car, something an 18-year-old can’t even do, but that’s what our kids risk facing every day, and, please, please spare me the don’t politicize this BS because these deaths, these record numbers of Americans slaughters are political,” she ranted.

Reid has obviously never gone wild hog hunting. To be honest, before these journalists make any comments about guns, they should definitely ask someone who has handled one in real life, not just in a video game.

“Let’s do something because their tolerance for blood and the NRA’s tolerance for slaughter are bottomless. As is the grief and the torture that the parents of slaughtered children and slaughtered grandmas and shoppers and bible study parishioners, all the slaughtered Americans will feel every day for the rest of their lives. So honestly, to hell with anybody who says don’t politicize this because these deaths, until we change until we stop letting this minority of ghouls rule us, this is who we are,” she added.

Joe Scarborough denounced the AR-15 during a segment on Morning Joe, but added, “to kick down your door and take away your gun!” No, nobody’s talking about that.”

Oh, yeah? Well, I remember Biden saying he wouldn’t force people to get vaccinated, and we all know how that worked out.

However, it was on CNN that one of their hosts tried to lecture a Texas Republican congressman about how hhe could approve pro-life measures, but not gun bills, and he corrected her.

He said, “We have this thing called the Constitution.”

Notice how the CNN host acted as if her speech had him pinned to the wall.


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  • From the first shot fired at Columbine to the last one at this school, the same fatal mistakes have been made over and over at every mass school shooting! Schools have not been proactively hardened against an armed intruder. Police had refused or delayed entering with an active shooter in progress. The shooter/shooters were not unknown to police, teachers, counselors, classmates, friends and parents for their antisocial behaviors and mental instability. NO one in any position of leadership has taken proactive means and methods to identify these kids and force intervention before they acted. Yet they continuously cry for more useless gun control that will not stop the next shooter after the fact!

  • I think that democrats should be educated about what the 2 nd amendment is all about. The right to bear arms is about controlling a government who tries to take away your rights. Biden, with the help of congress and the senate are trying to do just that. What ever their plans are they do want to disarm honest american citizens before they do it. The school shootings are done by mentally ill young men like it’s a game or a fad they are going through. Reel in the mentally ill and treat them. Lock them up if necessary. This latest crazy evil young man distributed many times that he was mentally ill. They even had him in a psyc ward and then released him. He found a cat in his grandmothers garage and he clubbed it to death and decapitated it and showed it on the media. The Dems use these demented acts to further their ambition of taking away our rights to defend ourselves. Many of them are so corrupt they are afraid the next January 6 th the people will come armed. Remember Sitting Bulls famous words that rang true in the 1800s and ring true today: If the government say you don’t need a gun… you need a gun.

    • Mort, you are absolutely correct. Whatever it is that the politically elite plan to do, can never be done with a citizenry that is armed to the tooth. However, whatever the Constitution says, is only as good as who’s enforcing it. Lately, it has only been used to the advantage of the liberals, but to the disadvantage of the opposition.



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