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Larry Elder is running to replace Gavin Newsom in the current recall being conducted for the Governor of California. To be honest, I think he stands a good chance of winning, but that’s only if they can carry out a legitimate election.

Earlier this week, while Elder was walking the streets of Los Angeles, along with many others on his campaign staff, when a woman began shouting at him.

The shouts quickly turned violent, as they generally do with extreme leftists. The woman wearing a gorilla mask along with a pink wig got within a few feet of Elder and that is when she attacked, throwing an egg towards Elder’s head.

A local news reporter caught the entire incident on camera showing just how the altercation played out. After a man stepped between Elder and the woman, the woman began ranting and raving at the man and swung her fist and landed a punch directly to the face of the man.

The man did not retaliate and simply walked away. The video shows no law enforcement or security taking the woman into custody.

Many news commentators and internet personalities took to Twitter to point out the woman wearing a gorilla mask and just how racist it was to wear that.

Many conservatives took to Twitter to defend Elder, the policies he is pushing, and also to support his campaign for Governor of California, including Dave Rubin who tweeted,

“Here’s a psychotic lunatic in a gorilla mask throwing an egg at @larryelder then punching a security officer. Perhaps Newsom’s surrogates and the mainstream media calling Larry a black white supremacist isn’t a good idea? If a crazy white person in a gorilla mask threw an egg at Stacey Abrams while campaigning it would be the lead story on every news network. Democrats would demand Republicans apologize for being racist, etc. 100% guarantee no mainstream outlet touches this on TV tonight.”


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