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Millions of Americans stand by their conviction that the 2020 Presidential Election was not fair. Not only did the mainstream media and big tech conspire to undermine President Trump’s campaign for a second term, there was outright cheating at the polls.

Evidence has surfaced in every single battleground state. There are enough questionable ballot activities to flip the Electoral College final tally. Joe Biden did not win the election. President Trump is correct. The 2020 Presidential Election was stolen. It was the “Big Steal”.

Further proof of cheating recently surfaced in Georgia. Georgia is one of the key states where President Trump pleaded with lawmakers to address the blatant cheating. The fraud in Georgia, and likewise in other swing states, was overwhelming.

VoterGA investigator David Cross just released new video footage from a dropbox surveillance camera in the state. The content of the video is astonishing. A man stands aside a dropbox and holds up a handful of ballots.

He then snaps a picture of the ballots before stuffing them all inside the dropbox. What would compel someone to snap a photograph of this process? One logical hunch is that he needed to prove he stuffed this box with a handful of ballots, so he could be paid off.

Ballot traffickers reportedly earned $10 per ballot, so they needed to prove their count. This single recorded incident is one of hundreds. Heather Mullins, from Real America’s Voice, said, “He fans out ballots, takes a photo, and places them in the dropbox.”

Mullins and other investigators estimate that there were over 200 ballot traffickers in Georgia. These ballot box stuffers made more than 5,000 trips to drop boxes across the state. Most of these crooked ballots were dropped between midnight and 5:00 AM in the morning.

Across multiple weeks of early voting, this would account for thousands of illegal ballots. Ballot harvesting isn’t even legal in Georgia. However, video footage proves it happened. How come no one has ever been held accountable for this cheating?

Weak-kneed Georgia lawmakers are responsible. The pursuit of the truth about the crooked 2020 Presidential Election is far from over. As November 2022 looms closer, Democrats are more worried about losing control of Capitol Hill than many realize.

If Republicans finally grow a spine, there will finally be serious investigations to uncover the truth. The truth is clear. The evidence is overwhelming. President Donald Trump has been correct all along. Joe Biden cheated.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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