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Politicians thirst for public approval. In our democratic system of government, public appeal is essential to them getting elected to office. Without such favorable allure amongst their constituents, the prospects of being voted into public service are unlikely.

Most are familiar with the old reference of how politicians “kiss a few babies”. Adult voters seem to view an elected official’s appeal to children as a positive characteristic. If it’s otherwise, the electability of the individual suffers. One Texas politician’s appeal recently took a hit.

Dan Crenshaw is the U.S. Congressman from the 2nd Congressional District in Texas. He was a member of the Navy SEAL Team 3. During his military service to our nation in Afghanistan, Crenshaw lost his right eye. Therefore, he wears a patch over the eye.

It has become a patriotic symbol of his dedication to country. However, for some, especially children, it might present as a little scary. Despite the patch over his eye, Crenshaw’s recent reaction to a child’s question may have been triggered an even scarier feeling for the kid.

In a video at a local fundraiser, Crenshaw appears to become harshly critical over a question from a young girl. She asked Crenshaw about a statement he made during his podcast. Crenshaw was discussing his theory behind hero archetypes.

In one segment, he mentioned Jesus Christ as a symbolic person who people look up to. The Texas Congressman also referenced people such as Rosa Parks and Ronald Reagan. A girl in the crowd repeated a quote from the podcast. She said his statement confused her.

“I can’t wrap my head around this,” she puzzled. Oddly, Crenshaw seemed to be offended. “I’ll help you, put a period after the word Jesus and don’t question my faith,” he snapped. The crowd at the fundraiser was startled. Crenshaw’s response did not go over very well.

One person is heard calling Crenshaw a moron. Then, a few people started to chant the infamous “Let’s Go, Brandon” chorus, targeting the abysmal performance by Joe Biden. We’re not sure how that relates. Alex Bruesewitz is one person who took offense with Crenshaw.

Bruesewitz, the CEO of X Strategies, was an advisor to, and staunch supporter of, President Trump. Bruesewitz tweeted, “Dan Crenshaw bullied a young girl last night for quoting him directly. Sad!” He posted a segment from Crenshaw’s podcast on his Twitter account.

Some appeared to take Crenshaw’s comments towards the girl out of context. While abrasive, he wasn’t rude. However, he was steadfast about his religious convictions. Crenshaw made no excuses. He offered no apologies. He insisted the statement in question was being distorted.

As he further explained himself, the tone of Crenshaw’s rhetoric softened. Again, he did not insult the young girl, but his initial tone was harsh. If voter appeal, especially from those attending a political fundraiser, is critical, Crenshaw did a commendable job of recovering.

He backed himself into an uncomfortable corner. In his defense, Crenshaw stood behind his religious convictions. However, to rekindle an obvious loss of appeal, maybe he’ll need to “kiss a few babies”. If not, someone who looked like a “bread and butter” Republican will soon be toast.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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