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The White House is at a loss for words.

After the White House was found lying about two separate matters, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg had a difficult time answering questions during an interview on CNN.

During a press briefing on Monday, Press Secretary Jen Psaki stated that, depending on whose data one examines, energy costs are responsible for anywhere between 66 percent and 70 percent of the inflation numbers. “A large part of that is the result of… President Putin’s invasion of Ukraine and the impact on the global energy markets.”

In addition to this, she argued that nobody could have foreseen the extraordinary rise in inflation that occurred. Well, I’m pretty sure President Trump warned about it.

Additionally, late in 2021, when experts began to sound the alarm about inflation, the Biden regime responded by saying that the problem was “transitory.” Even more damning, on May 1, 2022, the New York Times published an article claiming that in April of 2021, Biden was given a warning concerning inflation, but he ignored it.

According to the report, Biden’s chief pollster had issued a warning to him that immigration and inflation were becoming increasingly problematic:

Mr. Biden’s lead pollster was already sounding the alarm that even with the early successes, certain gathering threats could sink support for the president and his party.

“Immigration is a growing vulnerability for the president,” John Anzalone and his team warned in a package of confidential polling, voter surveys and recommendations compiled for the White House. “Voters do not feel he has a plan to address the situation on the border, and it is starting to take a toll.”

Within a month, there was another stark warning. “Nearly nine in 10 registered voters are also concerned about increasing inflation,” said another memo obtained by The New York Times.

The series of confidential polling data and weekly memos presented to Mr. Biden’s inner circle from April of last year to January.

After Psaki was found to have lied (not like she cares, she’s leaving anyway), Mayor Pete went on CNN, and even he could not find the words to adequately describe the situation.

Buttigieg had a hard time coming up with an explanation when Don Lemon from CNN asked him if the spending of the government has a lot to do with inflation. Of course, it did! That’s 90% of the problem!


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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    • When diversity is the goal rather than competency you get incompetent bureaucrats like ButtBaby running transportation.

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  • Butt Boy is just as brainless as brain dead Biden! What a worthless POS the whole regime is! Time to start over!

    • The time to start over would have been after the STOLEN election, before the brain-dead UNELECTED sock puppet was allowed to take the oath of office which meant nothing to him or any OTHER lying, conniving Demmunist!

  • While it’s true that Biden’s at fault for most of America’s present inflation plight – he’s far removed from its genesis, in fact he’s 235 years removed from its genesis.

    JUST THINK: Had the constitutional framers (like their early 1600 predecessors) established government and society upon the the Bible’s immutable/unchanging moral law (including its economic and taxing statutes) such inflation and debt would be impossible.

    There would be no graduated income tax, no property tax, no sales tax, nor any of the other sundry unbiblical taxes.

    There would, furthermore, be no Federal Reserve, nor its mistress today’s usurious fiat banking system, nor its enforcement arm the Internal Revenue Service.

    Even if it’s true that government of, by and for the people is the best government created by man, it doesn’t hold a candle to government of, by, and for God.

    19th-century libertarian attorney Lysander Spooner summed up what was already true in 1870:

    “[The Constitution] has either authorized such a government as we have had, or has been powerless to prevent it.” (Lysander Spooner, No Treason, No. 7, The Constitution of No Authority)

    For more on how the Bible’s integral triune moral law (the Ten Commandments and their respective statutes and judgments) applies and should be implemented today as the law of the land, see free online book “Law and Kingdom: Their Relevance Under the New Covenant” at

    See also Chapter 25 “Amendment 16: Graduated Income Tax vs. Flat Increase Tax” of free online book “Bible Law vs. the United States Constitution: The Christian Perspective” at Bible versus Constitution dot org. Click on the top entry on our Online Books page and scroll down to Chapter 25.

  • The current administration is blaming everyone but themselves for the out-of-control inflation we all are experiencing but truth be known they are the ONLY reason for it. Everything they do has consequences nobody wants. None of their excuses hold up to the light of day.

  • This guy is an idiot and says nothing to contribute, just tries to cover up the Biden idiocies.

    • An Idiot in a long line of idiots in the Brandon administration. None of them have any experience in there positions there hired for one reason to be fall guys for biden and to lie to the public when biden screws up which is all the time.

  • This is all a plot by the Soros, Zuckerburg, Gates, China and demucRAT powers to take total control of this country. They HAVE to do it before November because they KNOW they have screwed themselves to the point that nothing but lunatic fringe demo/nazis will vote for them. Biden SAID he was going to nominate nothing but people of color and P.E.R.V.E.R.T community people to his cabinet. Buttplug couldn’t run a small city because he was incompetent. This is NOT unexpected. President Trump was ‘supposed’ to be mentally unstable so drag out the 25th Amendment on him but, Dementia Joe is so impaired he can’t even read what’s printed on paper and that’s perfectly alright. Stinkin democraps will do ANYTHING to get their way and if that includes destroying this nation, so be it. If you don’t like what’s going on with this dictatorship the ONLY way you can change it is to GO VOTE CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICAN NOW and again in November and then again for every election that’s held in all the years that follow. YOUR LIFE AND COUNTRY DO DEPEND ON IT!!!

  • And Dems think this incompetent is President material? Really?
    Meanwhile supply chain problems continue big time.

  • I’m not sure if any of Biden’s cabinet has ever had experience in the job they were appointed to. They act as though they don’t have a clue as to what it takes to be in charge of an agency of the federal government. We know Biden and Harris have no idea how the president and vice president do their jobs. NOW, Obama has shown up again to help, except he was a failure himself.

  • All the Biden administration is made up of is lying Blacks, gays,lesbians, communist and a bunch of idiots. None of them have experience in there positions, its what skin color or sexual preference they have that qualify s them in this administration .

  • Dumb-ass-crats will only appoint anyone who’s against the Constitution and pure hate towards the American citizens. Just look at California, they vote Dumb-ass-crats and every time it’s always the same ones. Piglosi, Waters, Schift face, Newsom, etc. Everyone of them is a domestic terrorist.



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