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Many people feel adamant about many things. If someone has a strong passion for a cause, they may find it necessary to support that cause. Animal rights issues are a popular thing that people feel strongly about. That’s perfectly understandable. Animal cruelty is a bad thing.

There are a lot of situations where animals are abused or mistreated. Bringing attention to these issues is perfectly acceptable. However, sometimes those who are trying to generate a conversation about certain animal rights issues go a little wacko.

Recently, this type of overexuberance was on full display in New York City. Okay, to be honest, the signage used by these animal rights protesters might have provided a hint as to these folks’ state of mind. One banner read: “Dairy is Slavery–Rape, Separating mothers and babies.”

No, we’re not joking. That is a protest sign being held up by one animal rights activist. Her t-shirt read: “Animals are not fabric.” This was a rather large protest, so there must be a number of Americans who feel strongly about this issue. Again, that’s great.

But at some level, there must be a bit of calming logic involved. Animal activists are some of the worst protest groups when it comes to using “shock and awe” tactics. They feel it’s necessary to scream and yell, even pour fake blood on innocent bystanders.

These radicals will dress like animals and shout that everyone must stop eating meat. Sorry, but being vegan is a personal choice. Someone wearing an animal costume and screaming like a wild hyena isn’t going to change many ardent meat eaters’ minds.

These types of nonsensical antics steal from the logical arguments that true activists use to battle real animal cruelty issues. These issues are always best discussed in a calm and logical manner. But that’s not how these wacko clowns acted.

The large animal rights group in New York City was both loud and rude. But when they spotted an innocent bystander eating meat from a shish-kabob stick, they went ballistic. The protesters screamed and cussed down this poor young man.

Nevertheless, this fellow decided he’d play to the moment. As he licked his shish kabob with dedicated intent, it drove these animal activists into an even greater frenzy. It’s obviously rather easy to get “the goat” of the crazier fringes of the animal activist world. Sorry, no pun intended.

Folks, this is what happens when you separate yourself so far from reality to think that animals and humans are equal. I don’t hear them out there yelling at carnivorous animals to tell them to stop eating other animals. What about equality?


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • I’m glad she informed me that animals are not fabric because I might not have noticed the difference between a woven and a non-woven material. The one sign stating that fur is dead was great also because live fur would be problematic. Seriously though if vegan is your choice that’s fine so leave me alone. You won’t see me running around insulting people insisting they eat meat.

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  • If this screaming libtard ever goes to a zoo and sees a lion, tiger, alligator, or snake eating another animal, I can’t wait to see her inject herself between the predator and the would-be meal.

  • I am a vegetarian. I like to think of myself as a reasonable one. I don’t think it is my place to tell someone else what they should eat or wear. When did it get to point where only one opinion mattered? My husband eats meat. I don’t like being told what I should eat, why do you feel it is your right to tell someone else what to eat? Do you wear leather shoes, leather belts, jackets? Where do think it comes from? I don’t like trophy hunters, I don’t like rich women who wear fur coats. Are you really any different? Do you vist the ” KFC?

    • Yahweh GOD created plants AND animals for our food. If you don’t believe in Yahweh (GOD), our biological anatomy proves we are designed by nature to eat both meat and plants.

    • I probably would’ve shoved that half eaten shish kabob in her face. Further down the tweets there is someone who said, “if only they were this concerned about aborting a baby”. Some dimwit woman actually replied to him saying, “it’s not a human, it’s a fetus”? Yes, idiot, it’s a human fetus. If that’s the way you think, then I will eat veal parmesan in front of you made from an aborted calf. That way you should be fine as it’s “not a calf, or a cow, it’s a fetus” right, and a fetus is just a “thing”? Don’t try to use that argument that the cow didn’t make a decision to abort the calf as the farmer told me the cow asked for it, and who am I to question the honesty of the farmer?

  • Where we’re those animal rights protesters when Quack Fauci was torturing those puppies.? That’s where they needed to be but, Fauci is a Communist murderer and he gets a pass on their platform of animal rights cruelty.!
    On the other hand, I’m a meat eater and I love my steak medium rare.
    How does that grab your goat.? Speaking of goat, I’ve also eaten calbrito, (a Mexican dish of slow cooked goat). Quail, dove, deer, alligator, rabbit, squirrel, chicken are dishes I eat.

  • Just another example of the leftist mind set. Regardless what the cause is that any given group of leftists attach themselves to, they verbally and irrationally attack anyone with shreiking condemnations and degrading name calling if you will not submit to their thinking and and stop doing/or start doing what they tell you to do. It does not matter if 98% of the country enjoys a particular activity or indulgence and has been a part of the every day culture particularly on special days or gatherings (like meat, pork and fowl), If they do not like the activity or thing, the demand that the 98% must stop doing it. But the author of the piece is correct, these particular activists are some of the worst, like PETA’s oft quoted assertion that the millions of chickens killed every year is exactly the same and as evil as the holocaust of WWII where millions of Jews were murdered. Unfortunately for these leaf eaters, Lions do not care what the sheep think.

  • Well, I am not an animal rights activist. But lets tell it like it is…!
    The mother cows are more or less raped… by the farmer who shoves his entire arm inside the mother cow and inseminates her. I mean what else would ya call it really…? Then, when she gives birth she produces Milk to feed the baby for several months. They forcibly take the calves away from their mothers very young and put them in a tiny hut size area where they will not use their muscles very much to keep the meat soft and they continue feeding with milk and grass. Machines are used to Milk the mothers as long as possible…. the little calves who have never lived a life or walked on a grass field with their mothers.. are killed and slaughtered for their soft meat we all call “Veal”. Some of the female babies are allowed to grow so they can be moved into the dairy farm cycle…. Meanwhile after the mothers stop producing milk, they are all, once again, impregnated (raped) by the farmer and his long arm and plastic shoulder length glove and the whole process starts all over until they are too old to produce calves and they are then also sent to the slaughterhouse to walk the ramp into the kill room full of blood and their lifeless bodies get a hook shoved through the back leg and they are machine hoisted up off the bloody floor… and they swing and turn as they move down the conveyor to the gutting room where their bellies are opened up and the organs fall out into a gigantic stainless steel floor pan that sends most of this (often they keep the livers) the rest falls away to the cat and dog food processing cookers and grinders. Gigantic band saws that can cut off the heads and cut the bodies in half in a split second… and while their bodies are still warm they are cunt into quarters and pushed into chemical bleach tanks to kill any E-coli and etc. then washed off and given a pressurized soak in red dye to return the red color to the meat after the chemical bleaches make the meat a gray color.. then its on to the freezers and into trucks to go to various super markets or butchers.

    So yeah…. Dairy is not a sweet Cows Life of daisies and green fields… it is fairly brutal. I still use Dairy.. I eat Beef.. but I could never eat Veal. And I do not laugh at the people who scream about the industry..! But I do not support them as they have no good alternative for this important food source. And I ain’t eatin no bugs…!

  • I bet these morons ate meat when they were growing up!!! Besides God put the animals here for us to eat. Even Jesus ate meat….Lamb was the meat that most people ate at the time. These vegan nut jobs are screwed up big time….



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