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It is looking like the Republicans are on the verge of picking up another seat in their quest to retake the House. Freshman Democrat Congresswoman, Dr. Kim Schrier, fooled the voters in 2018. She made them believe she was a moderate, but has turned out to be a Seattle style progressive. This makes her very vulnerable in her race for reelection.

In a district chock full of hunters, Schrier is a nightmare, advocating for every gun control bill in the country. It is a historically Republican district, and her opponent, Jesse Jensen, a decorated former Army Ranger. The seat flipped in 2018, but appears ready to flop back to the Republicans.

The California-born-and-raised pediatrician only pulled in 43 percent of the primary votes. In total, Democrats tallied 48% of the vote, and the Republicans received 49%. Jensen has just started attacking her voting record and that could sink Schrier.

Jay Inslee is going for a third term as governor, but here is the good news: Challenging Inslee is Republic Police Chief Loren Culp, an extremely popular lawman who had refused to enforce the Democrats; Draconian unconstitutional laws on guns. Early polling shows a mixed bag and silent Trump voters could make the difference in this race.

There is also a challenge to Democrat Attorney General Bob Ferguson, who has spent the past three years suing President Trump while ignoring his constituents. He is not very popular, and voters feel he has not served the people who voted him into office.

From The Conservative Firing Line

Challenging Inslee is Republic Police Chief Loren Culp, the populist rural lawman who made national headlines two years ago when he refused to enforce provisions of the then-newly passed Initiative 1639, an extremist gun control measure that was opposed by a majority of Washington sheriffs and boots-on-the-ground police officers and sheriff’s deputies.

There is also a challenge to Democrat Attorney General Bob Ferguson, who has spent the past three years filing federal lawsuits against the Trump administration, a fact that irritates many Washington residents who feel he hasn’t been paying attention to business here at home.

With all of those factors in play, there may be a re-capture of the 8th District, and Washington may just see a new governor—the first Republican to win that office since 1985—take control and start returning the Evergreen State to some semblance of the place it was before, one elective office at a time.

What about the Republicans’ overall chance to win back the House? They are actually excellent. There were 31 seats won by Democrats in 2018 that Trump won in 2016. There have been 2 special elections in which Republicans flipped both seats. The Republicans now need 17 of the other 29 seats to take control. There are a total of 44 vulnerable Democratic seats. The Republicans need to win only seventeen of them.

Freshmen Democrats are worried that the voters see them as the “do nothing” party.  All they have done is investigate Trump and stop all legislation meant to help the common man. The poll found that voters are not buying Pelosi’s characterization of Trump as a criminal who should be in jail. The Democrats are deathly afraid of losing in November. And if Trump wins,Republicans could be in full control.

Democrats would be neutered for at least two years. Totally irrelevant. That would put them in danger in 2020. They would have no chance to recover. The Senate could end the filibuster and pass any law or bill they want. All good things would come from Republicans.  Democrats would try to oppose everything. That would not work this time around. They can’t be the party of “no” and “win”.  Pelosi would probably resign and the Democrats would be unlikely to Keep Hoyer and Clyburn in leadership.


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