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Susan Ferrechio, from the Washington Examiner, bitch-slapped Brian Stelter and CNN for ignoring the Hunter Biden bombshell story that includes his father, the former vice president and Democratic nominee Joe Biden on Wednesday and for having a double standard when it comes to reporting about Donald Trump, and she pointed out they have a lack of journalistic ethics.

“The bottom line is this deserves scrutiny by all media outlets, and if they pick and choose this and decide it’s not worth their time, I think that’s showing real bias,” Ferrechio said of the Biden email story we reported on that the New York Post broke last week and was censored by Facebook and Twitter.  The fourth largest newspaper in the country, 219 years old, and they were censored for “misleading” information.

Stelter and Ferrechio were on a panel that was being hosted by Amol Rajan on the BBC.  They were there to talk about the implications and censorship of the exploding story about Hunter Biden using the influence of his father’s office as vice president to get foreign business deals.  In other words, China, Ukraine, Iraq and others would allegedly get favorable treatment from the Obama administration if they gave Hunter a lucrative deal that he would use to fun the Biden crime family.

Whereas Stelter claimed Ferrechio’s concerns about media bias by not covering the story were simply “grievance politics that comes from the right,” Ferrechio quickly fired back.

“This is not last year’s news,” she said. “It’s whether or not his son was coordinating to get him to talk to these Ukrainian oligarchs, and he was benefiting from it. This is really dirty.”

Stelter got slapped down again when he claimed that “newsrooms in America are very careful about this stuff” and that they were all still evaluating the story’s claims through “slow, cautious vetting.”  Yeah, and I’m Mary, Queen of Scots.  #EyeRoll

This clown doesn’t even know when he sets himself up.

“I think the bottom line is we don’t know what is real and what is fake in these emails if there is anything real in them,” Stelter said, which was a dumb thing to say, because neither Stelter nor his network, CNN, have a good reputation in that area.

“Yeah, but that didn’t stop anyone from reporting the Mueller and the dossier,” Ferrechio shot back at Stelter.

As Stelter got very demeaning to her by saying, “I understand that you have a lot of resentment about that” and “I agree with you should not be ignored,” Ferrechio was quick to call him out on his hypocrisy.

“Now we have ethics,” she replied sarcastically.

“Don’t you dare,” Stelter replied, getting all heated up, putting himself on defense. “Don’t you dare act like newsrooms didn’t have ethics in 2017 and 2018.”

“You can ‘don’t dare’ me all you want, Brian,” Ferrechio said. “I’ve been doing this for 30 years, so say whatever you want. It’s my view, and I have a right to say it.”

Ferrechio also said that she didn’t ignore the Russian hoax stories when they came up either.

“I didn’t discard the Mueller stuff. I was much more skeptical because I knew the sourcing, and I knew where it came from on Capitol Hill, where I have stood in the building for the past few decades,” she said. “I had a real reason to doubt that stuff, and I constantly did, and it turned out a lot of it was a bunch of bunk.”

Ferrechio rightfully said that the same principle the media applied to Mueller should apply to the Biden family story.

“I think everybody deserves to look at the Mueller stuff, and everyone should look at this and give Biden the scrutiny,” she said, adding, “He’s not running for president of the Glee Club; he’s running for president of the United States, and this is serious.”

Stelter and his network, CNN, lied to their audiences every day for over two years about Russian collusion.  They put on guests who knew nothing and spoke with pure speculation, and Stelter and others there acted like it was gospel truth.  Brian Stelter is not a journalist, he is a left-wing activist who calls himself a journalist.  Neither Stelter nor CNN has ever apologized for the lies they pushed against Trump, and every time they had to do a retraction it was 100% over a negative story about Trump.  They never had to retract anything good they said about the president, pretty much because they have never said anything good about him.

Stelter last month refused to

In late September, Stelter refused to admit that there wasn’t any evidence of collusion found between Russia and President Trump in the Mueller investigation and completely ignored the fact that the Steele dossier was a fraud.  All the evidence, all the books written about it, including Mueller’s report that there was no evidence of collusion, and Humpty Dumpty still believes it happened.


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