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The United States may need to brace itself for George Floyd 2.0. Another black male has been shot while resisting arrest. Despite the obvious facts surrounding the incident, the radical mainstream media is ready to pounce on the opportunity.

The circumstances are somewhat different, but the underlying principle will be the same. Once again, the insane progressive left will begin making their outrageous claims. The police officers will be vilified. All law enforcement across the country will be labeled as evil. They are not.

Anyone with an ounce of common sense can watch the video of this shooting and quickly determine the truth. Patrick Lyoya resisted arrest. At one juncture, Lyoya resisted with violence, fighting with police officers.

He was told what to do by a law enforcement officer and refused to comply. Like many of these resisting arrest tragedies, the incident was videotaped. This time, there are multiple angles. There is the police car’s camera, and a camera worn by the officer.

In addition, there are angles from a neighborhood home surveillance camera and the passenger’s phone. The car was pulled over. Both Lyoya and the passenger were instructed to remain in the car. That’s normal protocol.

Everyone knows this. Only someone with something to hide, or someone mentally compromised, would think to do otherwise. Lyoya triggered the incident by ignoring the instructions to remain in the car. He kept asking officers what he had done wrong. That’s fine.

Long before the situation escalated, he was told the plates did not match the vehicle and asked for a driver’s license. At this point, Lyoya seemed to try to sneak away. When an officer followed him, Lyoya started to fight back.

Maybe America needs to teach a course on “how not to respond” when encountering law enforcement. Trying to sneak away is no-no number one. Resisting arrest with violence would fall immediately behind, trying to flee.

Patrick Lyoya broke both rules in an instant. He was caught and pinned to the ground. Again, standard protocol to use for a fleeing suspect who resists arrest. But the resisting didn’t stop. As the officer tried to get Lyoya to a cruiser, he put up a bigger fight.

He was clearly told to “stop resisting.” This is the point in any arrest where law enforcement must use additional measures to subdue a potentially violent person. The officer pulled out his taser. Lyoya snatched the taser away. Tasers can be used as a deadly weapon.

In the video, the officer can be heard telling him to “let go of the taser!” At this point, the altercation turned deadly. The officer is apparently left with no recourse but to pull his gun and shoot Lyoya. Tragically, Patrick Lyoya died.

However, the tragedy happened the minute he tried to resist arrest. There is some twisted idea that it’s now okay to defy police orders and not cooperate. Each of these shootings is sad. But the problem isn’t with the police officers; it’s with this entitled belief that it’s okay to resist.

Not a single one of these tragic shootings was necessary. They all have a similarity. An individual, confronted by police, refused to comply. These killings are senseless and could be avoided. Stop resisting and cooperate. Nevertheless, like clockwork, the protests have started.

Radicals launched a protest outside the Grand Rapids Police Department. They were screeching the same trademark slogan, “Black Lives Matter!” Of course, they do. All lives matter. The corrupt mainstream media is ready to ignore the violence.

The protesters were immediately reported as non-violent. But these non-violent agitators were throwing things at the police station. No one was arrested. Not a single attempt was made to stop the unnecessary violence. If these were conservative protesters, they’d all be in jail.

Patrick Lyoya’s death is another senseless tragedy. However, the blame is once again being placed on the wrong people. Law enforcement was doing their job. The death is unfortunate, but the police did not cause it to happen. Nevertheless, the radical left doesn’t deal in reality.

They have a narrative. That narrative is a bastardization of the truth. These far-left activists use these tragedies. It’s sad. There could be a coming together moment of healing for our nation. But the left will not allow it to happen. It’s not part of their agenda.

We just pray Patrick Lyoya’s death doesn’t get hijacked as an excuse for violence, like George Floyd’s unfortunate death was. However, no one should be surprised if it does. It’s what these crazy anarchists do. They breed more tragedy. Brace yourself America for George Floyd 2.0.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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