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Taylor Lorenz, a media journalist for the Washington Post, has recently made the news.

She recently published an exposé on the influential Libs Of Tik Tok account, which was exposing crazed lefties in schools. Lorenz harassed the account’s owner’s family members and linked personal information to the account’s owner.

Lorenz said she was a victim of internet harassment after receiving blowback for doxxing the social media account holder.

Lorenz, on the other hand, appears to have created more fake news.

Lorenz alleged that she was harassed by an editor from the website “The Drudge Report.” The super detective reporter did not conduct any research to determine whether the person “harassing” her was actually an editor. According to Lorenz, the alleged Drudge editor threatened to ruin her career.

Matt Drudge is a very private person who rarely makes public statements or appearances, which is why Lorenz was taken aback when he contacted her.

Drudge contacted Lorenz directly, demanding to know which of his editors was harassing her. Drudge told Lorenz that he wasn’t happy with her charges and that neither he nor anyone on his team had attempted to contact her and expected an apology.

Lorenz did delete her false allegations and wrote, “For anyone who saw my post abt this man claiming to be from Drudge calling me non stop, good news: I heard from Matt Drudge & this man has zero power over Drudge! He’s claiming to be an editor all over the internet but he’s not. Sorry to disappoint everyone saying Drudge is based.”

She should have stopped there, but liberals are notorious for their inability to control themselves.

CNN’s Oliver Darcy reported:

“Lorenz told me that her initial tweets were a “joke” and that she found the idea someone could harm her career via the Drudge Report “hilarious.” Lorenz said she was “laughing very hard about the idea” and was simply joking about it online. “I am happy to correct the record that I have no drama with Drudge Report,” Lorenz told me.

However, the lawyers for the Washington Post were concerned, so they claimed, “Taylor was repeatedly contacted by someone who claimed to be a Drudge editor. As soon as she learned the person had no connection to the Drudge Report, she deleted the original tweet and wrote a tweet apologizing for her comment…”

Lorenz is a fake news-pushing liberal troll who is on the verge of causing the newspaper major legal issues.


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  • Hey, someone slap this bitch into the real world! Everyone is tired of your rancid bull#@t! Get a life!

  • Lorenze is a fake news person, regardless of who she works for. If I was her editor, after an investigation, fire her and refer her to a fake newspaper. Beyond that, she has shown that she’s not a journalist, just a newspaper hack. Wonder what college she went to. Maybe she even graduated with a degree in basket weaving, who know, or even cares less.

  • Typical liberal, say anything but prove nothing. They speak in generalizations, and it sounds good because people push it through their own liberal acceptance filters without questioning the speaker. For instance, who SPECIFICALLY is the Drudge editor who is harassing you? What Specifically did this editor say? How do you know it’s a Drudge editor? When and how did this editor contact you? Do you have a copy of the documents?



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