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There are many achievements President Donald Trump can brag about at the end of his first of two terms.  He rebounded a lackluster dying Obama economy in under two years, he lowered black and Hispanic unemployment to the lowest levels ever recorded.  The Trump administration got rid of ISIS, something Obama couldn’t do.  He is brokering peace all over the world, and he brought back manufacturing jobs by the millions, something Obama and many others said could never be done.

But the most sensational achievement Trump has done by far is how he has made leftists, especially in the mainstream media, go clinically insane.

Think about it.  Democrats, leftists and the Fake News media have not only run out of real things to complain about this president, they began to routinely make things up about him out of whole clothe.  And the things they make up about him are incredibly easy to debunk, but for some reason they don’t care.  It eventually gets so bad that they have to psyche themselves out to be able to look you right in the eye to tell such wild fantasies about our president knowing full well they’re lying out the wazoo.

Now we have CNN and MSNBC anchors and pundits routinely calling Trump Hitler and reporting not just lies, but the worst, most easily debunked lies ever, and they are at the point now where they think we are the crazy ones for not believing our president is getting rich off of our backs with slave children in the White House basement creating MAGA hats.

New York Times, Washington Post, and Atlantic writers, just to point out a few, now routinely publish stories that could get them sued if the president wasn’t a public figure.  They makes up lies like he colluded with Russia during the 2016 election, or that the Commander-in-Chief called dead soldiers suckers and losers, or that he referred to neo Nazis and white nationalists as “very fine people,” and much worse.

The best is when Trump hits back at press conferences where you see a journalist who thinks he or she crafted the perfect zinger to nail Trump on an issue, and he just easily debunks them and makes them look like a fool.

There is a reason the Left has gone insane, it’s an actual behavioral psychology term called Extinction Burst. Go look it up.  It really exists.  It involves the theory of elimination of a behavior by refusing to reinforce it.

Okay, here’s an example.  You’ve probably seen this, it maybe even happened to you.  You want to get a bag of your favorite chips from a vending machine.  The idea is you put in your money, you push a button, and you are rewarded with the bag of chips.  But sometimes the bag of chips gets stuck and doesn’t drop down to the chute for you to grab it.

What do most people at that point do? They push the button again.  When that doesn’t work, they might bang on the side of the machine, especially if the bag is visibly hanging above the chute after getting caught on another bag.  That’s when people will start smacking the sides and front of the vending machine, they might even start shaking it.  When they still don’t get their reward, that’s when the screaming and cursing begins.

Humans are hard wired to get their dose of dopamine that makes them feel good once they get their expected reward for an action taken, and we are also hard wired to reject the reality of no reward received when an action is taken that demands said reward.

Okay, so how does this relate to Donald Trump and the Left?  For decades mainstream news media leftists have used the act of bullying against Republicans and conservatives to get what they want.  As an example, say a Republican wants to push a law that reduces welfare dependency on Americans?  A leftist journalist hell bent on stopping the Republican from pushing the bill will do something like call the lawmaker a racist, which is their usual go to attack.  Next would come a dozen other accusations based on the first one, all lies, and all aimed at getting the Republican to back down.  About 99 44/100% of the time the Republican will cower, agree to drop the bill, and walk away with his tail between his legs.

The journalist did the action of attacking the Republican lawmaker to get them to drop the bill.  And they got their reward when the Republican lawmaker dropped the bill.

Along comes Donald Trump, a man who doesn’t play their game.  Why?  Because he doesn’t care.  He has a mission to complete, and he could care less what these leftist journalists think of him. That takes all of their perceived power away.  They did the action and got no reward.  Like pressing the button again, they throw out the racism accusations a second time, and they still get no reward, because Trump doesn’t back down.  The journos then start the equivalent of banging on the vending machine by ramping up their nasty attacks, yet Trump still doesn’t relent.  To make matters worse the president fights back and starts to make fun of them.  That kind of behavior from a Republican just doesn’t compute for leftist journalists.

Like two children trying to up one another in a game of insults, leftist journalists and pundits then claw all over each other to reach the top of the heap with ever-increasing, nasty anti Trump insults, getting worse and worse the whole time, and after a very short amount of time, they run out of sane items to throw at the president and that’s when the truly insane comes out.  And since Trump never gives in, the Left then starts throwing things out that make them look like mental patients, usually ending up with them calling Trump Hitler.

So now that you realize why the leftists go toys-in-the-attic, hardcore nuts every time Trump says or does something they don’t like, you know it’s just another case of Extinction Burst.  I wish all elected Republicans would learn from our president.  Think of how much we could accomplish while the other side is attacking each other because no one is giving them their reward.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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