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Liberal Democrat Governor Phil Murphy appears to have withstood a vicious and surprising challenge from his Republican opponent, or did he? Other Democrats across the nation did not fare as well. Most were swept under by embarrassing final returns.

However, despite winning by the slimmest of margins, there is a huge cloud hanging over Murphy’s supposed win of Jack Ciattarelli. The final margin of victory was barely one percentage point. But just like Joe Biden in 2020, did Murphy really win?

Now, if that’s a true accounting of the New Jersey voters, then Murphy earned another term as governor in the Garden State. However, as it was with the 2020 Presidential Election results, something smells very fishy.

As with various polling locations across the nation, on the first Tuesday in November 2020, there are suspicious errors in a couple of critical New Jersey counties. The fishiness is so compelling it has triggered investigations.

Election officials were tasked with producing full transparency, focused on providing reliable results. Well, the memo apparently didn’t get to Essex County, New Jersey. Essex County applied the standby liberal excuse of “poll worker error”.

Because of what NJ election officials whisper was a “poll worker error”, 56 voting machines were shut down without them being counted. This peculiar “error” triggered 56 districts not to get their votes counted in a timely fashion.

Sounds like another “timely error”, conveniently conceived to steal another election. How convenient it is that these machines are locked away in some warehouse. Certainly, liberal poll workers wouldn’t have access to manipulate these machines, would they?

The fake news mainstream media keep parroting the same dull narrative. They insist that there is not and never has been any reason to question recent election results, especially those from the critical 2020 Presidential Election.

They’re lying, again. How many times will Americans be forced to buy this lame excuse that there was some sort of “poll worker error”? Why do these “errors” always flip final election counts opposite of what they were projected?

Oh, and the flip always benefits the liberal Democrat. The left is stealing elections. With them, a cherished part of our democracy is being stolen; our vote. To have a stable democracy, America must have stable elections. Questionable outcomes such as New Jersey cannot happen.

The citizens must be confident that their vote counts, and that the final results will be honest and accurate. Our nation must have secure and believable elections. However, it doesn’t appear local election officials are getting the memo.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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