Lunatic Woman Loses It on Religious Right After Paying $98 to Fill Up Her Tank (VIDEO)

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Radical liberals have a penchant for blaming everyone else for what’s wrong. Joe Biden seems to have mastered the art of redirecting blame. But one lunatic directed her anger over high gas prices at a rather bizarre group of Americans.

After spending nearly $100 to fill up her gas tank, one crazy lady launched into a maniacal tirade targeted at the religious right. The woman blasted off a series of F-bombs, one right after the other, vehemently expressing her anger over the Joe Biden-induced high gas prices.

In her emotionally imbalanced rant, she equated her $98 for a tank of gas with people who donate to save cats. We’re not sure how that analogy made sense, but then again, most of this lunatic’s rant didn’t make much sense.

The only reasonable part of this ridiculous monologue was her anger at current U.S. gas prices. The problem is that her fervent fire was misdirected. This woman, and every American struggling to choose between a few gallons of gas and food, should be calling the White House.

That’s where the “old buck stops”. The blame for historically high gas prices in America falls right at the feet of Joe Biden. His pitiful policies have triggered skyrocketing energy costs. These record prices for fuel have caused 40-year inflation records as well.

According to AAA, the average price of a gallon of gas hit $5.014 per gallon last week. That’s the most Americans have ever paid. But like this crazy lady who wants to blame cat lovers, Joe Biden blames everyone else, except who’s really responsible.

He’s responsible. Biden’s pitiful energy policies have driven gas prices to all-time highs. It’s being done on purpose. These policies are being purposefully used to strangle the fossil fuel industry. Radical liberals can see nothing but their “Green New Deal”.

They’ll destroy the country to attain it. A gradual shift to cleaner energy sources is a noble cause. However, the way the liberal left is going about it, it will destroy the middle class in America. But that might be just what they’re trying to do as well.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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    • She has her eyes closed; or covered with Democrat blinders – not seeing who is back there doing “that !” As the old truism goes, “There is none so BLIND as he who WILL NOT SEE !” And that goes for “she’s,” also ! Being unwilling to see truth, only leaves seeing what is “leftovers” after dismissing truth : FALSEHOODS !!! The Leftists despise truth; because they are following THE DEVIL !!!

  • Gee. I don’t remember praying for a producing oil well. If the Vatican owns oil wells, that’s news to me! Last time I filled my truck it cost me $530, minus a $54 discount. That was for 90 gallons. My truck is very economical at 10 MPG ! Most trucks get far less mileage. Did you think the GREEN NEW DEAL was going to be FREE.

  • This poor child sees what’s happening, but has no understanding of what happens when the gov prints money with no backing and cow-ties to Russia, Venezuela, the Saudis, et al for oil. It’s called inflation. It’s also called liberalism. It’s called STUPIDITY. If she was educated in the American school system, she’ll never understand. Keynesian economics doesn’t work, it never has, & it never will.

  • That woman is the very definition of stupidity. Wonder if she voted for the creatures who are really screwing her over? She is also the very definition of can’t connect the dots. Hasn’t she noticed the disasters all around her since you-know-what took office? Apparently not. Poor sad, stupid, oblivious pushed to the breaking point dimwitted woman.

    • I’m curious if that’s her eyebrow pointing towards the top of her head! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

      Second question, Exactly how is this the fault of the religious right? Ever notice how leftists NEVER explain, they just blame!

  • WOW! She is completely unhinged! Her anger and blame should have been directed at the Left and the Brain Dead Biden!

  • Democrats are seeking power by any means. The more people are impoverished, the more they are likely to vote for Democrat government handouts. Raising gas and food prices do exactly this. Poor people are already taking handouts, often directly in food products, and the rich can handle price increases. Democrats want to kill the Middle Class because they vote Republican.

  • Thus, proving time and time again, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that Leftism is a Transmissible Mental Disease!
    Please, SPAY and NEUTER your LEFTISTS!
    However, their “Transgender” movement is doing a marvelous job of that already!

  • Video proof positive that the democrat left are totally stupid and certifiably mentally insane


  • Follow all the other Leftists….get an electric car. Then you won’t have to spend 98 effing dollars on gasoline at COSTCO. COSTCO. COSTCO.

  • what does the Maniac pay for Milk, Eggs, Bread?
    Religious Right?
    Ah let me see – let me repeat: You shouldn’t have voted for the Liberal Radical Left and or the Communist Radicals, like Bernie Sanders of which I am sure you have his sticker stuck proudly on your vehicle.
    Its so sad that mental illness is a sign, just like a birth sign designates a lot of personality traits, that is shows ones Party affiliation.
    An ignorant entitled looks like a lesbian abortion promoting maniac

  • A perfect example of our TOTALLY FAILED “education” system. She has no ability to read, logically think or have any critical reasoning skills. Truth be known our communist educators have created MILLIONS just like her. Also, shame on its parents for being a total failure in raising it.

  • What a foul and perfect example of the gaslighting vitriol that spews from the insane left. She should thank herself! But alas, blaming others is their way…..

  • Liberals always know who is to blame, and it is never their beloved icons.
    One example among many: Did 24 years in the Army so I have Tricare and medicare.
    I never got into political discussions at my office, because liberals cannot face facts.
    They gushed about how wonderful Obamacare was going to be. How Barack promised they were going to keep their doctors and healthcare plans, and families were going to save $2500 a year.
    Then, it became obvious he had lied. Instead of facing that, liberals ranted that some way, some how, evil Republicans deleted those things with out Obama knowing.

  • So classy! Probably still hates president Trump and thinks biden will save her. Unfortunately she doesn’t have enough hair and is too old to interest him. I’m not sure what cats or religion have to do with the price of gas but, she could look up a chart on gas prices over the last few years and maybe make the connection. But, I doubt it. Too much effort and too little intelligence.

  • The Witch from the Wizard of Oz
    Someone douse this crazed Insane Democrat Liberal mad women with Water
    & watch her melt away into the nearest Democrat Sewer of SLIME where IT belongs



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