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Most Americans have grown weary of Hillary Clinton. She’s a tiresome bore. However, “Crooked Hillary” thinks the world revolves around her every word. Entitled elites are like that. They think they’re somehow a class above everyone else. Egotistical arrogance defines Hillary Clinton.

Recently, the pretentiousness of her self-anointed narcissism was on full display. However, America’s self-proclaimed “Queen of the Deplorable Class” received a rather disappointing reaction from her so-called “royal subjects”.

As harsh of a reality as it might be, Americans do not like Hillary Clinton. In no small measure, they have told her so at the ballot box. Moreover, it seems people in other countries don’t like Crooked Hillary any more than Americans do.

No one’s quite sure of the motive behind this recent event, but Hillary Clinton was appointed as the new chancellor at Queen’s University in Belfast. Hillary would be the first to tell you how perfectly deserving she is of any accolades tossed her way, despite what she stands for.

Like most powerful elites, Hillary Clinton is a fake. Quite appropriately, like Hillary, the ceremonial position at Queen’s University is equally meaningless. Nevertheless, in perfect royal fashion, complete with a queenly wardrobe, Hillary acted like something she’s not; a queen.

We’d think something more along the lines of “court jester” would be apropos. But like the dedicated egotistical narcissist she is, Hillary overacted her new role. Her majesty, or so she thinks, actually had a small child haul her royal train behind her.

For such a meaningless and superficial anointing, Queen Hillary seized the opportunity. Truth be known, Clinton really does think she’s a queen. There’s only one problem; President Donald Trump stole her throne. That’s too bad for poor Hillary. But how did she get this new royal gig?

The Clinton’s have visited Ireland numerous times over the last three decades. Her first notable trip was as first lady. She had multiple visits as Secretary of State. It’s not beyond reason to believe that Hillary’s newfound royalty status was “bought and paid for”.

The Clinton’s are good at the type of thing. Well, despite fitting right in with the smug elites in attendance, the normal everyday folks weren’t nearly as taken aback by this “fake queen”. Seizing her moment, Hillary strutted up the stairs in full queenly garb, young child in tow.

But instead of shouts of adulation, Hillary was booed and heckled. Onlookers jeered at Hillary, mocking her every step. They called her a “war criminal”. Online comments about the audacious spectacle weren’t any more flattering. Hillary Clinton basically made a fool of herself, again.

One person posted, “I love it when people remind her of who she is.” Ouch, that had to hurt the old Hillary pride. Another individual laughed at the way the event unfolded. They joked that this was why “old school kings and queens never left their castles.”

It’s all pretty funny from the outside looking in. However, Americans should take notice. There are some whispers in Democrat circles that Hillary Clinton is the party’s next best chance in the 2024 presidential race. Americans should cry out a collective, “Please God, NO”.

Hillary Clinton is not only an egotistical narcissist, she’s a criminal. She’s a self-proclaimed elitist who thinks she’s above the law. Hillary Clinton no more deserves anointment as a queen than she does to be president. Maybe something akin to a “clown jester” would be more fitting.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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