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Every time I witness some of the things that people do on a regular basis, I can’t help but think of the movie Idiocracy.

I believe that this is exactly what a significant number of Americans are moving towards. People in general were smarter and had a lot more sense 100 years ago. Today, we live in a country where men can dress like women and go around acting like it’s not pretending. They sincerely believe that just because they “feel” a certain way then that makes it true.

It all goes back to the question Matt Walsh has been asking, “What is a woman?” It makes sense. In order to identify as a woman, you have to be able to explain what one is. Otherwise, it’s absolutely meaningless.

That’s not how life works. They are so far separated from reality that it’s truly astonishing.

Anyway, I’m not here to rant about that today. What I want to point out is the moron who thought that it was a good idea to protest in the middle of the street while the Presidential motorcade was driving by.

The woman, who was wearing a long, olive-green dress and carrying a bag over her shoulder, walked straight into the street and toward the motorcade — prompting some onlookers to shout their concern that one of the vehicles might strike her.

Several vehicles drove past her, and then from the right side of the frame, one Secret Service agent charged her. He caught her by the shoulders, pushing her first away from the line of cars and then down to the ground.

Then as the Secret Service agent took her down, someone else could be heard yelling, “Get off her!”

Are you kidding me? Why? She just broke the law in a gloriously idiotic way. She deserves every bit of what she deserves. You can’t parade in the middle of the street while traffic is going by, especially the Presidential motorcade.

The woman on the ground continued to buck and kick, screaming at the Secret Service agent and ripping off his hat and glasses, throwing them to the side.

And what was all of this about in the first place? Well, abortion of course. As she was arrested she shouted, “An abortion ban will not stop abortions! Only safe ones! Women are going to die! They’re going to die!”

Hmm, does she mean that murders will be put to death? Interesting.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • That Secret Service Officer and LAPD were totally out of hand , it was a pure case of Police Brutality, you can see the Secret Service Office striking her it looked like a punch to her facial/head area See if anything is done to these coward secret Service or LAPD for excessive use of force. An other Police officer would be charged but not these girl wimps

    • Any Idiot SHOULD KNOW to stay OUT of traffic.
      And especially when a President motorcade is passing… STAY the heck OFF the street!!
      By the time most kids are 5 years old, they are taught to stay out of traffic.
      The secret service were correct in pulling her out of the way of oncoming cars. (How can anyone be faulted for that quick action?)
      The fact that she fought like a raving maniac – and the entire thing was meant to draw attention to herself and stir up a mob mentality – indicates either drugs or mental instability. Or both.
      And of course the mob yelling in support of the crazy woman shows their lack of maturity – at the every least.

      • You’re an idi0t! There was no reason for that officer to assault her in that way, excessive force, especially slamming her to the ground and punching her in the face. She presented no threat to that motorcade or the jerkoffs in the vehicles.

    • if she hadn’t been doing what she did she would not have been taken down and hitting her was nothing compared to what she should get. i hate biden but this is not the way to get rid of the idiot. the police are on duty they have to do all it takes and this officer did actually being asaulted himself by her.

  • He should have used MORE force to control her and done so more quickly. I would have been great if he had some help also…..

  • It means she had no business in the street next to his convoy however the Bully who attacked her should be held in prison and charges filed

  • Let’s pause for a moment, Only Antifa and BLM can protest in the streets and stop traffic while busting out car windows and threaten drivers at gun point or remove them from their vehicles and beat them sensles but you can’t protest against an incompetent, senile pedophile or you’ll get your ass beat to Hell. FJB and the Communist Democrats they deserve the same treatment as the citizens are being treated by the Communist Democrats personal gangs Antifa and BLM.. Kumalot Harris also asks for donations to bail out their thugs when arrested how can that be legal.? Domestic terrorists are why we have the 2nd amendment and the Communist Democrats are trying to remove it.! I took an Oath not once but three times to defend the United States constitution against all foreign and domestic terrorists and now since the first Anti-American and anti-Isreal and Anti-Constitution Muslim Barack Hussein Obama the Communist Democrats have shown their hands and they are the Enemies of the United States. BHO and George Sorros are working behind the scenes of the idiot in Cheif Joe “Brandon” Biden. Now we have four Muslims and a hateful little bitch AOC demanding all things change in America for the worst. Where is the Military and why haven’t they done anything by now or have they been compromised by the Communist.?

  • Funny you sheeple saying the SS officer should be held accountable when one executed Ashley Babbitt and didn’t even file a report got off free! More people ready to risk all to stop the tyrant with his hand up demented Joe a$$ is what’s needed but no now they are going to chip away at the 2nd and you sheeple still be yelling “ he can do that it’s unconstitutional “! Well that’s not going to stop the corrupt government from continuing to enslave all to the globalist overlords! Me I’ll protect my world to the end, and when a true leader that’s willing to risk all step forward I’ll be happy to do my part cause I believe in the oath I took, you?

  • A stupid act like that is designed to stop Biden’s fast vehicle so a suicide bomber can approach. The SS agent acted correctly.

  • Are You for real or are you a puppet of Prizzie Bidet (AKA biden) The woman did not need to be put down so fucking hard . The {Agent} could have put his arms around her and held her till more help arrived or is he a woman in disguise or AKA a queer

  • What a terrible takedown. Is that man even trained? He even slapped the woman whom he apparently couldn’t control. Wow. I thought SS were highly trained individuals. I guess it’s just their HRT/SRT guys who know what they are doing. I’ve seen better takedowns in youth wrestling.

  • Interesting, more serious than trying to crawl through a broken window at the Capitol when no member of congress or the president was anywhere near. Of course when that happened J 6 the cop, Black, just shot Ashli Babbitt point blank dead. This woman is lucky it was a white cop.



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