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There is a wild thing happening right now in a battle between two people who were involved in a car accident.

In a video that was released by one of those involved, you see a girl who drives an Audi rear-end someone driving a Lamborghini.

She then gets out of her car and comes up to yell at him for hitting her car. It seems absolutely ridiculous.

Take a look at the video:

I know that there is all sorts of insurance fraud and things like that and usually those people who try to do that aren’t exactly what we normally see when we look at this young girl.

Another woman even had it on video on her phone showing the girl pull up and hit him from behind. So what’s the deal here?

“You have where she (hit the car)?” he asks. She runs it back for the man, for confirmation.

Somehow, though, the woman comes walking fast toward his vehicle, which he’s already driven out of traffic.

The woman knocks on the window, claiming, “You did that to the front of my f**king car.”

After he starts laughing, because he’s seen the evidence, she asks him, “What’s funny? That’s my new f**king car!”

“Well, when you rear-end people, that’s not how this works,” he responds. “It’s okay; I’ll call the cops real quick. You’re saying that I hit you from behind.”

“No, you hit me in the front of it. Remember, I was at the red light, and you went in front of me and hit my car,” she says, which is not true according to the security footage.

The driver laughs it off, but she’s not amused. The next jump shows the woman suddenly upset, being held back by who appears to be her boyfriend, around the Lamborghini: “I’m bout to beat the f**k outta this b**ch!”

Well, this story just took a really crazy twist.

There is more to this story. Something happened just before this.

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As you can see, she was telling the truth and the guy was lying. He really did hit her and there is video to prove it. Now she’s suing him for slander and it looks quite obvious that she’ll win.

“Guess he didn’t wat to tell the whole story,” she said. “Goodbye to your reputation Matt I will be suing for defamation and slander.”


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