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The newest Governor of New York sure is making a name for herself already, but not in a good way. In all honesty, you can’t really expect good to come out of Democrat leaders.

New York has many progressives that cheer as more violent thugs are released from jail and take to the streets to commit more crimes.

Democrats are pushing a new Less is More law that recently went into effect. There were 17 felons released over the course of the week and that is 17 criminals that don’t need to be on the street.

Joseph Rivera is one of these felons who was released because of the new law and the family that he victimized is not happy about this release. Jessica Majors, sister of the victim killed by Rivera, 47-year-old Heather Major who was killed in her home, can’t believe a criminal who committed such a horrific act was released.

Rivera allegedly used a hatchet to kill Majors, striking her some 30-plus times as she held her hands in a defensive position to fight off the attack, local radio host Bob Lonsberry outlined Thursday. It’s suspected that Rivera, a neighbor of the well-liked Majors, was attempting to rob her, though the motive is unknown.

After Rivera was suspected of the crime, he was snagged on a parole violation from an earlier felony conviction and put in jail while authorities worked to formally charge him in the murder.

On Tuesday, though, Rivera was released.

Rivera was initially suspected of committing the crime and was brought in by the police for parole violation connected to a past felony conviction. The Majors family, once finding out about the release, immediately began contacting the police department and asked for Rivera’s arrest.

The new law places police at a disadvantage. When criminals are released, it makes it more difficult to gather information, because of the criminal threat to victims. Police re-arrested Rivera. He is being held without bond.

Photo Credit: NYS DEC


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