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In Virginia, someone could be trying to steal the votes of Republicans. The various post offices that have had their collection boxes pried open have called police to investigate. Postal authorities are investigating as well. But, it will be difficult to find the culprits at this point in time.

The fear is the sudden crime wave of pried open mailboxes could involve the election. This is just another way for Democrats to steal an election. Open the collection boxes and take out the Trump votes and throw them away or change their vote to Biden. If the vote is close in Virginia, you will never be able to rule out voter fraud as the reason for victory.

The Virginia Department of Elections sent out a news release warning people that six collection boxes have been broken into recently. I have no idea what good the notice is supposed to do, but at least they have been warned. This is just more evidence of why mail-in balloting is rife with fraud.

The announcement stated that they do not know if votes were stolen out of the six boxes. But, they did note that the post office is investigating the break-ins. Mail theft is punishable by five years in federal prison. If votes were stolen, they could be facing election interference charges as well.

According to the Washington Post:

“The incidents tapped into worries about the security of mail-in voting at a time when more voters who are worried about being infected by the coronavirus are choosing that option instead of voting in person.”

“President Trump has heightened those worries by repeatedly alleging without evidence that the mail-in voting process is filled with fraud.”

In Texas, Governor Abbott is only allowing one vote drop off box per county.

As TheBlaze reported:

The governor argued the measure would “strengthen ballot security protocols throughout the state” as concerns over voter fraud have increased amid the coronavirus pandemic. The measure also allows for parties to install poll watchers at voting sites to observe ballot deliveries.

Voting security has become a major issue this year as several instances in New Jersey, New York, and Texas has seen a huge increase in mail-in balloting fraud. But in New Jersey and Texas, four people each have been arrested for voter fraud concerning mail-in ballots.

You can expect more fraud before year’s end. I just hope the arrests numbers rise as well.


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