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The unbelievable headlines that the mainstream media concoct are sometimes mind-blowing. Some of them simply don’t make an ounce of sense. However, others will make you scratch your head, wondering how anyone could come up with such crazy notions.

Last week, USA Today earned the honor for journalistic preposterousness. We all appreciate how far removed from reality the liberal left has become. Each time a radical progressive opens their mouth, a new level of idiocy is unveiled.

However, the USA Today headline may make the least sense of the seemingly unending efforts to label everything in America as racist. USA Today tweeted out a headline that asked a bizarre question. The widely-read liberal-leaning news source asked, “Is Math Racist?”

The initial response from many readers was to assume the headline was a joke. It wasn’t. USA Today’s quirky query was serious. What they did accomplish was to provide indisputable support for the notion that journalistic intelligence has plummeted to embarrassing new lows.

Beyond the readers who thought the question was a joke, others poked fun at the belief a school subject could validate racial bias. Yes, that’s the theory in a nutshell. Somehow, the focus of the story was centered on how teaching math needed to be more inclusive.

There’s that liberal word again, “inclusive”. Another interesting report resurfaced as a result of this story. The Bill Gates Foundation donated $140 million to some cockamamie new math education guideline.

It funded a program directed at helping math instructors avoid the “white supremacist culture”.

The three ideas of, “more inclusive, Bill Gates, and white supremacy”, all mixed together, represent yet another phony sham by the liberal left to paint America as irredeemably racist.

Now, these fanatical fruitcakes are targeting math. The next thing we know, teachers will not be able to teach long division because it involves a derogatory hut, which may disparage Native Americans.

Certainly, fractions will be an immediate target of these nutcases because one number will be deemed inferior to the other. Instead of the numerator and denominator, math teachers will instruct students to call them “the oppressed and the oppressor”.

As crazy as all of this sounds, it’s becoming all too alarming not to take seriously. If educators and school administrators would focus on priorities, like teaching kids to read, write, and accurately add or subtract numbers, minority student’s performance might magically improve.

It’s not about what’s in the curriculum, it’s about diluting it every chance they get. These overly sensitive minions for the woke culture continue to spew a rhetoric that insists one person is an oppressor, while the rest are oppressed.

The result generated by this crazy new push to make subjects such as math more inclusive will produce bad consequences. Mathematics professors, like California State University’s Wayne Bishop, insist this theory will cultivate dumber students.

Bishop says that while students may feel more included in math class, when they hit the real world, they won’t have any idea how to apply it to real life. A number of educators further debated the idea of dumbing down the math curriculum.

The policy should be to provide extra assistance to students who struggle, not a collective carving away of important math concepts to benefit a few. We’re stuck in a maddening time warp where the radical left blames everything on racial inequities.

This notion simply is untrue. Worst of all, it’s having an eroding effect on society. It does nothing to improve the prospects for the minorities or the underprivileged. The only thing these wacky ideas accomplish, when leeched into our children’s education, is to dilute their ability to learn.

They further aggravate what few racial inequalities America is working to correct. Returning to the core basics, reading, writing, and arithmetic, is the correct solution. In the meantime, be on the lookout for the next liberal attack on reason. What’s truly the most amusing part of all these assaults on our intelligence is that none of them “add up”.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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