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When the riots first started, Kamala Harris decided it was a good idea to bail felons out of jail. Never let a good criminal go to waste.

One of those that the @MNFreedomFund bailed out of jail is a man who is facing thirty years in prison for the rape of an eight-year-old girl. His bail was $75,000 for conditional release and $3000,000 for unconditional release.

Democrats, this is what passes as a priority for your VP candidate. Aren’t you proud? Go get your checkbook and you can become an aider and abettor too. The worst part is this was not an exception, this is the rule. But doesn’t their conscience bother them? Even when they re-offend while out on bail?

From The Sun

Columbus’ arrest warrant said that the girl he assaulted lived with her grandmother, who regularly spent time with “Tim.”

When the girl was roughly eight-years-old, the victim told cops “Tim laid her on her couch and held her down as he unbuckled his pants and then pulled down her pants. The victim stated he then ‘put his thing inside me’.”

The warrant continued that “Tim” told the victim not to tell anyone as he “continued to penetrate her.”

The victim allegedly did not tell anyone what happened until “years later” when she told a family member.

There were also 13 members of Joe Biden’s campaign that also contributed money to bail out felons. So, the next time that Biden tells you he is for law enforcement tells him to take a hike.

Joe Biden pushed through a bill that led to the mass incarceration of non-violent Black criminals but now he favors releasing violent offenders.

The fund was set up to bail out rioters but it took in so much liberal money, they decided to bail out child rapists too.

Could they look the victim in the eye and say they did the right thing? Yes, they could, but only because they have no souls, just an ideology.


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