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When someone shows up at the emergency room complaining of a terrible stomachache, they probably don’t expect to die. They also don’t expect to wait for seven hours to, at the very least, see a doctor and receive an initial diagnosis.

One would assume that a woman who, shortly before being carried into an ER, was writhing in pain on her bathroom floor that very morning, might garner a little compassionate attention. However, that’s not what happened to a Nova Scotia woman.

Allison Holthoff fell off her horse back in September. Ever since the accident, the 37-year-old had been experiencing an increasingly uncomfortable level of stomach problems. On New Year’s Eve, the issue became unbearable.

Holthoff’s husband, Gunther, said his wife woke up experiencing exceedingly harsh stomach pains on December 31. The husband said his wife’s condition deteriorated throughout the day. Holthoff drove Allison to the Cumberland Regional Health Care Centre in Amherst.

The couple arrived shortly after 11 a.m. Gunther had to carry his wife on his back because she couldn’t walk. After placing his sick wife in a wheelchair, he raced her into the emergency room. Gunther said his wife could barely sit upright because the pain was so bad.

He clearly expressed his wife’s condition to the emergency room staff. Apparently, they didn’t. Nurses in the emergency room told the couple to wait, and wait they did. Hours passed. Holthoff’s condition worsened dramatically.

At one point, her husband said his wife moaned that she felt like she was dying. “I think I’m dying.” “Don’t let me die here,” the sick woman pleaded. Her pleas went unheard. Over four hours later, the couple was finally escorted to an exam room.

All the staff did was take blood samples. No diagnosis was even attempted. Gunther continued to plead with the nurses. He insisted that Allison was getting progressively worse. All that a nurse did was ask, “Is she always like this?” How bizarre!

As his wife began to lose consciousness, the nurse had the audacity to ask if the married mother was on drugs. Gunther said his wife continued to tell the hospital staff that she felt like she was dying. Seven hours after arriving at the ER, Allison started screaming in pain.

She was in anguish. Allison Holthoff was dying. Allison gradually fell into distress. It was at this point that the hospital staff finally started to react. When Allison’s eyes rolled back into their sockets again, “code blue” was called.

The staff alerted medics that a patient was in cardiac arrest. It was too late. At 11:30 p.m., Allison Holthoff was pronounced dead. This was nearly 12 hours after she was rushed into an emergency room.

Once Allison finally got the doctors’ attention, they insisted that even surgery couldn’t have saved her. Gunther Holthoff is both heartbroken and confused. “I’m just lost,” he said. The now single father still has no idea of what caused his wife’s death.

In some respects, a failed medical system may be the true reason. According to the Department of Health and Wellness, the Nova Scotia Health Authority has launched an investigation to determine what happened to Allison.

Gunther insists that the system failed his family. “We need change; the system is obviously broken.” “If it’s not broken yet, it’s not too far off,” he said. “Something needs to improve.” “I don’t want anybody else to go through this.” Sadly, any changes will be another death too late.


Daniel is a conservative syndicated opinion writer and amateur theologian. He writes about topics of politics, culture, freedom, and faith.

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  • Hospital emergency departments are providing primary health care for those w/o insurance, particularly illegal aliens. When I had an appendicitis, my primary physician, to whom I went first, sent me to hospital Emergency. I waited in hospital Emergency over 3 hrs while Emergency personnel attended to patients with common colds. if you have health insurance, the safest route is to bypass the emergency department by going directly to a specialist hopefully via a competent primary physician.

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  • Sue their ass off, Gunther! Find the meanest, most cutthroat ambulance chasing shyster there is & go after them!

  • I experienced something similar several months ago. I had just had major surgery and was seeing the doctor for a follow-up. One day prior to my visit, my belly started to swell with fluid. At the DRs office, they told me to go to the ER immediately, which I did.

    Four hours later, my son confronted them and was finally told that there was no room for me to be admitted, so I wasn’t going to be seen. My son took me home, called an ambulance, and they took me to another hospital system where I was finally treated and diagnosed with congestive heart failure. This was in Atlanta, GA.

    Things are bad in healthcare. Be very aware of your own health and keep up with it.

  • I hope the husband has a good lawyer. There is no excuse for a medical team
    to not take care of this woman. Their excuse that surgery would not have
    help. They don’t know that – it sounds like they were covering their own

  • I was sent a year or so by my primary doctor to the ER from his office as I was having chest pains. He did an ekg in his office before sending me. When I arrived in the ER, they took my dr’s report along with the EKG results he had done, put it the tray on the counter, told me to take a seat. After 2 hrs, they finally did another EKG then sent me back to the waiting room…meanwhile I am still having chest pains. I told another ER patient that if I fell out of the chair onto the floor, don’t panic..I had a cardiac arrest and it would all be over with!! I had called my son and he left work and came to the hospital. I finally was called back to see a ER doctor after waiting 6 hours. Luckily it wasn’t a heart issue, although had detected from comparing earlier ekg’s that at sometime I did have a cardiac event. I set in the ER waiting room, very uncomfortable, wondering if I was going into heart failure!!

  • Compassionate government healthcare where no one cares and no one is held responsible for anything. I grew up behind former Iron Curtain and know first hand how compassionate and efficient government services are. Anytime I think about it I get chills.

  • Grayfox, Nova Scotia is in Canada where they have Universal Health? Care. She had insurance but the doctors and nurses get paid the same whether they DO anything or NOT. That means they don’t care whether you live or not.

  • I’ve waited longer than 30 hours in emergency room until I blacked out on the floor, then they took me right to a hospital inpatient room.

  • IF I ate, IT WOULD HURT SO BAD… IF I didn’t eat.. I was not able to function, and very week Stayed in bed ..This has been going on for 6 yrs..

    I could feel the pain coming on. Once it started.. I was unable to drive, due to the amount of pain.. Well over the 12 +++ scale.

    I remember being at home crying.. Thinking to myself, I am going to dye, and the hospital DOES NOT HELP ME. This is a well know hospital in Fort Worth.
    At home I would pass out in the bath.. and constantly even while in bed. or walking.
    I Remember Telling my granddaughter,, If you come here and I am dead, Sue that hospital. and I was always in pain.. knowing that I would be found dead at home.

    I had been seeing a dr for intestional pain, This pan would last for days,, and i would pass out at home.
    They never treated the pain, or Advised me on what to do.. Every time I went t see the dr.. They thought I must of had a bowel movement ,,and then no more pain.
    Bowel moment WERE PAINFUL Very Painful. !
    The hospital took Barium x rays.. .. The pain never wen away… I seen the xrays on the screen, as they were doing them. ( From being a hospital worker, I could understand the test and the screen. and its meaning ) But nothing ever was done for me. I went to a hospital 5 different days,,, to have pain removed.
    I even passed out in the waiting room and then found myself in the ER.
    After months , of seeing that hospital , WITH NO HELP,, When they were able to see the problem on the x ray screen.. I was sitting on my bed throwing up.
    My granddaughter came over.. Took a look at me , and said, Come ON , LET S GO.. being sick and throwing up.. with intestions hurting for MONTHS,,

    IF I ate, IT WOULD HURT BAD… IF I didn’t eat.. I was not able to function…This has been going on for 6 yrs..

    She forced me into the car… ( she was only 18. ) and took me to another hospital..
    The Hospital, she took me too. Took me in right away… Dr preformed emergance surgery ( the 3rd of the same kind, withen 6 yrs )
    He told my grandaughter I have a 97 % chance of Not Making IT !
    Surgery took 5 1/2 hours… I knew , from working in surgery, what they ment. But when I woke up I was so happy , I went to another hospital… This surgery happened in 2021 then the ice storm hit.
    I was told , No more surgeries on my abdomin ever again.. That if this happened again… Oh well.
    The most horriable pain ever, Is to Suffer,, and No One Listen ,, An d really hear you
    I feel so sorry for the lady,, husband , and her family..

  • Like so many others, I’m wondering why The Federal Bureau of Investigation hasn’t descended on every property owned, or partially owned, by any member of the Biden Family Syndicate. They’ve already proven that is their mode of treating former Presidents of the United States. Why does it not happen to a former Vice President/current President of these same state? And I have a one word answer: HIERARCHY. We’re WAAAYYY past hypocrisy. Clean house at the DOJ and FBI. If there is enough left to work with, Congress needs to completely rewrite their governing structure that will guarantee they are a SEPARATE branch of government. If that isn’t doable, in the case of the FBI, then scrap and reassign good agents to other agencies to carry on the same work. Those found to be corrupt need to be tried for treason for their attempt in overthrowing our government. What they have been doing is a coup to keep one faction of our population in control forever until they completely destroy our country. I wish that wasn’t true, but all signs lead to that eventual result.

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